The limed twigs were stuck so slightly in the ground, that if the Hawk, upon finding himself entangled, should struggle, they would have gone oft” with him and prevented his flight. In autumn and winter these birds make their appearance on the rivers in vast flocks ; and upon an appointed day all the boats and guns are put in requisition, and a general attack is made upon them. The nest was artfully concealed, having the long grass drawn over the top ; and a hole was made in the grass, as if cut with a pair of scissors, forming a path for the bird to escape. A few are also sometimes seen in Norfolk. Communicated by the Zoological Club of the Linnean Society – – – – – – – p. On examining the hedge Mr. These birds are now very plentiful in some parts of Suti’olk.

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This kind of Petrel sometimes makes its appearance on the coasts, and has been shot from the beach at Yarmouth. Its toes are fringed with a Avidely serrated membrane, which is probably of service in giving it support upon soft ground.

SoL I Several of these birds have been killed at Yarmouth in the autumn. These trees no doubt came originally from the West Indies, 45 the second is supposed in jMalabar to have come from Malacca or China, probably because it came from Mexico by the route of the Philippines. I made an experiment to tame one last summer. Two of them in our possession, taken from the same nest, differ considerably ; one being of a pale green with very few small spots, and the other almost entirely covered with large dusky spots.

The name Belou, given by the Brahmans of Malabar, is evidently the same with the Bel of the Bengalese dialect, as the commen- tator justly observes ; and Serif ok is his orthography for what I write Sri-phul the holy fruit.


In a female killed late in April, the remark of Linnaeus, alarum basi subtils favissima, was very striking. I’his species is rather numerous in the neighbourhood of Yar- abbiti during the winter, feedins; among the ooze at low-water; it is also frequently seen on the road between that place and Norwich. Crickmore of Beccles, which aboti shot near that town. Kirby states, on the authority of Mr.

The legs of this bird when fresh killed are of a pale-green, but when dried they appear black. This enlarged power of wing was probably de- signed to enable the bird to accomplish its migrations to and from the arctic circle.

The length of its bill is subject to great variation.

The Shieldrake breeds in the rabbit-burrows formed in the sand-hills upon the coast of Norfolk. These daily editions Monday-Saturday cover news and public opinion of Georgian Britain, including historic events in the new United States, the Napoleonic Wars, and 19th-century trends in banking, democracy, abjti public life. To dan 01 p Some of the birds killed in the spring have only partially acquired the red breast ; and of those shot in autumn some have only partially lost it.

It lays two eggs, which are nearly oval. F of 34 Messrs. We have noticed the Lesser White-throat more than once at Starston, and have also procured its eggs at the same place. And the fact is, that this truly tetra- merous structure prevails, as far as I have observed, throughout all the insects hitherto called trimerous: Germen turbinatum, disco concavo tetragono coronatum, [uadriloculare.

We have met with this species both in Norfolk and Suffolk. Q the Rooks to desert a rookery in the same grove, which they had previously frequented for many years.


A bird of this species, having its whole plumage white except the head and tail, was seen on the Stour last December.

Thus it was, that in attempting a natural ar- rangement of the insects collected in Java by Dr.

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It is now become scarce, but abiri occasion- ally breeds in abifi part of the covnitry: Man-fnt4nr and prr cfroDrr. Styli totidem subulati, recurvi.

The entomologist then may say, on behalf of the minute objects which he studies and the minuteness with which he describes them, that unless a similar minuteness of observation be carried into the study of Mammalia and Birds, even in these important classes of the creation nothing that is certain as to affinities, nothing that is definite in nomenclature, can ever be attained.

Hooker that a bird of this species was some years since killed near Southwold. A curious instance of this facility in trusting to the observations of others I shall lab to explain ; not merely because it has led myself as well as all other modern ento- mologists into very inaccurate descriptions, but because a system of arrangement, and that system the very one which is most pre- valent on the Continent at the aniti day, has been founded among coleopterous insects upon such false descriptions.

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In one of them there Avere seventeen eggs ; in the other, twelve. AVe saw his manner of devouring a large puppy.

After the loss of their brood, the old birds used from time to time to make a noise like a magpie.