If it was just i Same as SD I believe why would they be advertising it the way they are? Jun 1, 3, 0 0. AZ Greg Member Feb 8, Aug 17, 0 0. The Audio Video cables, with markings of which cable it is, which is a pleasant surprise and can be a big help to some view large image. Is there any store that still sells a good vga cable for my gamecube? The Adaptec Series contains the GameBridge with one main feature, the ability to play console games on a computer screen.

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Jonnyram Member Feb 8, Can somebody please help me with my question The quality is not that bad using the composite cables, but nothing of high quality.

Pimpbaa Official Forum Cocksucker Feb 10, With the latter option, I’d like to be able to play X games on the 20″ widescreen. I bet the scaler is ass though.

Adaptec Gamebridge AVC 1400 Driver/Install Disc

Keio For a Finer World Feb 8, Connect video game consoles to your PC or notebook Play video game consoles on your computer in real time; maximize your gaming environment and save space Record game play and share your best moves and high scores with others Enhance the graphics quality of your video console games Convert home videos VHS, Hi8 to DVD Watch and record TV shows For little investment, you can convert your computer to a full-screen TV.


Sorry if I’m missing something I don’t know too much about this. I’d like to see example stills taken with the device, but the site only has a couple of movies. Danydrunk Member Feb 8, Record quality changes the quality of recorded material, with “Best” taking the most storage space and “Good” taking the least.

Adaptec – Adaptec GameBridgeTV AVC

Not a new concept, just a different packaging. Isn’t there an HD version planned? The supplied bag is useful for when you want to carry the GameBridge somewhere, but perhaps a Velcro band or two to organize the wiring would be helpful too.

This review will cover the Adaptec GameBridge system after being axaptec for 6 months, and still going strong.

Azure Dream Member Feb 8, Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. Yusaku Member Feb 8, Jan 28, 0 0 www. They are two separate entities, but these days as we get TV tuners on PCs and XBox players can go head to head online with PC gamers, the gap is closing. May 11, 10, 0 0 Cambridge, UK www. I found to ttv where reccomended, I went to their respective sites, and they seem to not be taking any orders no more Also someone review this product that might be the answer to my problem, I might get it if its any good.


Is there any store that still sells a good vga cable for my gamecube?

Adaptec GameBridge AVC Capture Card – VideoHelp

In fact, you can probably find his impressions in one of the many TV capture threads that have cropped up in the off-topic forum.

Gonna go through Gamebrjdge and record all the glrious Colossi slaying and make a Video capture is gorgeous, although screens look better when taken with Dscaler as opposed to the included software has some motion blur.

Blimblim The Inside Track Feb 8, Forums Gamegridge Gaming Discussion. Looks like a good deal.

Beyond Complimentary Support Supported via phone and email are provided for a fee but additional support information is available on our website. I did a search and found some discussions on vga cables for the gamecube.

Backed out cauz no lag is just impossible and I was given a television for my room anyways. You must log in or register to reply here.