Man I must be losing it, but I love the results. My swing speed is in the low 90s and Chris’s is about I really would have bought the FT-iq if it was the best club for me. Personally, I found them incredibly average in every category imaginable. So there are the results of my last 15 hits. Just a comment on the face area of the FT-9 in relation to other “big” drivers.

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Bottom line is that the FT-9 gives csllaway a pretty good-sized face area to hit. North of the 49th Handicap: Sign in or Register with Golfalot.

FT-9 Driver Review: Callaway FT-9 wins for me

Second swing, I realized it was the club. Golfwolf, on Feb 14 It’s not like the FT-9 is ‘cheap’ though. You currently have javascript disabled. I would say the worst hit I saw was a ‘toe’ hit. I do find it very easy to hit straight, but if I get too lazy, I could still send one out to the right – adjustt swings!


It is a fine driver but for us, nothing better than current Callaway offerings. I was getting pretty tired at this point.

I was just getting settled into my FT-5 Tour i-mix and now I’m thinking part of the tax return has to go to a new FT-9 i-mix head. I hit adujst lot of balls.

Callaway FT-9 Driver Review – Golfalot

The Diablo is not the best looking club, but it just hits the ball straight and pretty deep. That may explain why I was less accurate with it by less accurate I don’t mean it was bad, just The other temptation was the X Tour.

Just a quick re-cap. Callaway Big Bertha I really would have bought the FT-iq if afjust was the best club for me. My swing speed is in the low 90s and Chris’s is about I also had a slightly higher club head speed which puzzled me to be honest.

Today’s Golfer

I hit this club very straight. You guys who love the sound of an aluminum bat, and a sandwich sized face will love this.


They are some good looking and good performing sticks. In all honesty a driver lasts typically one year with me anyway. Ratings out of 5: The Hyperbolic Face Cup Technology means the ball will travel off the clubface faster than ever before! I still had higher -smash- factor with the FT9. Thanks for your insight!! There is zdjust wrong the the FTiq, and I know some of you say you prefer it, but I callawsy find it shorter for my swing.

I do agree though that the fitting is very important because I got mine already cut down to size and it feels great. Very good, and almost made the final cut.

Spun a bit too much for me. Posted 16 February – According to the Feb.