Anonf to DougHo Anon Feb-1 3: Most commented news last week [78] Wednesday Morning Links [45] Grab that coffee! Find my devices all connected to 5 Ghz far more frequently and hand off between the and the AirTies is seamless. Are all the extended functions on the web interface that ATT takes away still there? No it has the basic web gui and it only syncs with the BGW or ac. Lenard Member Jan

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On the modem page, it does show the connection signal as if the wifi extender is part of the modem. Also, I believe the documentation for the Airties says to use ethernet 1 jack for backhaul.

Thanks for the info. It works pretty good, been using airries today so I recommend it.

They just keep using the former IP and won’t use a new one. The OP should get commission on this. Guess I’ll try out a Google Wifi for my parents house then. I have 2 computers and 2 VoIP polycom airhies running behind it. I couldn’t set it up as static, because there is no option to do that.

AirTies RT RT | Router Login | A Troubleshooting Guide

There are no settings to sync on this thing. Hooked 2 new ones up last nite, fixed weak spots and now blazing wifi throughout the house. It sounds like it gets the gateway IP then scans the page for the wifi info since its public on both of those device’s homepage. Not sure how to tell for sure but on my managed switch when I look at the ethernet port that the Airtties is plugged into, I see the following traffic so I am assuming it is being used for backhaul: Dear Comcast, I won’t use your email service I can’t get app to work as it can’t find the nodes.


Will it then work with a customer’s own router? With a reservation, no other device will get that IP. I also have a switch in the other port that has 5 devices on it that works perfectly. At first, the app didn’t find it. Still working fine for you? It just syncs auto when you either use WPS or you plug it into the ethernet port.

Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel? It didn’t take a firmware update that I’m aware of. That’s when it asked to verify the 5Ghz password.

Not sure what you mean by mesh backhaul but when I have my equipment plugged up to the ports it shows it as an Ethernet connection on the modem like I am plugged directly to the aidties.

Also no tech can replace them if they go out as the system forces a 35 dollar charge to get replenished in stock.

AirTies RT-210 Router Passwords

My in laws and my parents ajrties have the AC and I setup Airties and to this day ive been battling the random issues. Been a seamless experience for me. I am using 3 AirTies s around the house all support mobile devices with one on Ethernet. Then connect it to my parent’s router before it takes a firmware update. PASS Mmmm not quite.


AirTies RT-210 RT-206

I am not sure how I feel about enabling passthrough on the BGW Going to try to connect to it via the app and turn off auto-update. Has somebody tried flashing the regular AirTies firmware? Connected correctly but no go.

It asked for me to verify the 5Ghz password, which I did. No, I never hardwired it at all.