A series of lab tests were conducted under the real world scenario to determine optimum fan speed to reduce noise level within CPU working condition and temperature. Page 72 This verification is designed on purpose to protect your BIOS from damaged by wrong profile version. This motherboard comes with a game port Joystick-Midi for you to connect any midi devices or joysticks. The BIOS provides critical low-level support for standard devices such as hard disk drives, serial and parallel ports. This smart design can increases battery life if you still had battery plugged on motherboard. To make this function work, you have to enable it in the system BIOS, connect this header to a sensor somewhere on the chassis.

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So, whenever the sensor is being triggered by light or opening of the chassis, the system will send out beep sound to inform you. It is strongly recommended not to install a 3. Follow each step accordingly.

By the way, please remove and jumper caps from the Front Audio Connector before connecting the cable. Connecting Front Panel Cable 4.

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ao77-600n Cool down CPU and Chipset is important for system reliability. NT will then perform the binding process. You may click [YES] to reboot Windows. LED 1 – Indicates that the memory may have been installed incorrectly or is damaged.


It intends to save more power by taking full control of power management to operating system and bypass BIOS. Using VCM technology results in reduced data access latency and reduced power consumption. The color bar will So, whenever the sensor is being triggered by light or opening of the chassis, the system will send out beep sound to inform you.

No Check if the system It is very possible that your keyboard is defective. Further, AOpen will not disclose any of information you submitted under any conditions. But after you finish the hardware installation, you have to install your operation system first such as Windows XP before you can install any drivers or utilities.

Overheat Protection Technology to lxn them. Meanwhile, all applications must be closed before starting AOconfig.

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AOpen reserves the right to revise this publication and to make reasonable changes. The system identification information probably IP address is stored on network card and because there is a lot of traffic on the Ethernet, you need to install network management software, such as ADM, for the checking of how to wake up the system. To sk77-600n the CMOS, follow the procedures below.

The 2 type of beep sound is gogabit single long beep that beeping repeatedly, signaling a DRAM error has occurred. No part of this document may be used or reproduced in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system without prior written permission from AOpen Corporation.


Beginners Guides Cases and Access. It is easier for BIOS to upgrade by a flash utility, but it is also easier to be infected by virus. F10 Save changed setting and exit setup program.

AOpen AK77-600N, Socket A, AMD (91.8A710.A01) Motherboard

There are four connectors on the PC99 back panel. This picture is for example only; You can use JP28 to enable or disable this function, which could resume your system from suspend mode with keyboard or mouse vigabit. Therefore, PCI sound card could possess with 90db and do other application process as well.

After installing USB 2. It provides you detailed and necessary information.

Except for the speed increase, USB 2. Each channel supports two IDE devices that make a total of four devices. Today, AOpen Motherboard is honored to bring you a new overall solution, SilentTek, to have your system quiet.