Please DON’T use it for advertising, etc. January 27th, I will say that in the last 2 years, Dell has worked hard on customer problems and relations and that should work in your favor. I have even tryed another pcmk ser B, and same problem. November 10th, I have since plugged the ethernet card back in and don’t get the error on startup at all.

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If you want happiness for a lifetime- help someone else. I know you have probably done this but sometimes its better to start from scratch: Run any diagnostic program that may have come with your card to verify that the card is no longer functional.

This cards used to work fine in my laptop, i checked it in another laptop and it recognized it right away? There is some problem with the PCMK card pulling to much voltage on startup and blowing some component on the motherboard.

Hi All just found this site by way of google new member. Try some other manufacturer’s pcmcia card in the slot and see if the slot works at all. If they bravley, then keep hunting for available resources and conflicts on the NT system. This error message appears just after Windows finishes loading before trying to run anything like RSLinx.


beadley Simovert Masterdrive with T card. Where are you located in TO MDuffney? I will say that in the last 2 years, Dell has worked hard on customer problems and relations and that should work in your favor. I only have the one pcmcia slot if that has anything to do with it.

Find More Posts by msinclair. You are not registered yet. PLC wont start the wind turbine.

Rockwell Allen-Bradley 1784-pcm4/b Dh485 Cable for PCMK Card

Do you mean that csrd uninstalled RSLinx? Well i am really hoping this is not related to the note about dells and the motherboard, and afraid i just might have to get into that. December 2nd, This happens frequently when people unplug the cable when not completely stopping the driver on our Toshiba PC’s. I am considering uninstalling rslinx all together to see if the card aloen up to make sure there is nothing corrupted in linx with unscheduled removal of the card inhibiting it.


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pcmk Ser. B will not start. – – Interactive Q & A

Do you know if the “diagnostic” program there would work to test an NT 4 system? Under board type select PCMK 4. Find More Posts by Ken Roach. The following are possible reasons and solutions to the problem. If you want happiness for a month- get married.

Allen Bradley 1784-PCMK Ser B Communication Card DH+ / RIO / DH485 PCMCIA PLC

Give me a sensitive idiot. I tried running it, and had a handful of the tests fail. August 21st, I won’t go into my long ordeal with getting this problem fixed but it was not pretty. The time now is The questions still stands what would inhibit the card from being recognized in the slot at all.

December 19th, Find More Posts by rsdoran.