Efficient, innovative design optimizes data transfer rate and sensitivity to network signals. Page of 39 Go. The information displayed in the Usage log can be customized using the controls that appear just below the list. I’m not a “power user”, just a “it’s handy to have” user. Rebate Scam Posted on: I guess the world will never know.

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I have inthe past submitted 4 rebates. Efficient, innovative design optimizes data transfer rate and sensitivity to network signals. Lots of dropped calls now Posted on: July 23rd, by Mike Smetzer. Get more from your device. The average download speeds range from to Kbps with peak rates up to 2 Mbps. Showed pc740 a brochure with their “plans”. Click the Next button to continue with the installation process. Page 33 Now, you can remove the PC from your laptop. Purchased by Verizon Wireless on January 9,Alltel Wireless is still operating on its own in certain markets per the agreement.

The first time you connect via the QNC Its for Alltel wireless.

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It may leave a sticky residue that can cause problems inside the laptop PC card slot. These people are on commission and want to sell a new Verizon phone and account, which is understandable.


Not sure how the Verizon buy-out will impact them. I am currently going through some issues with my lg rhythm powers down random, touch wheel doesn’t always work and am already on my second replacement. Unplugging Or Ejecting The Card 5.


Went to the retailer and ask about Cells in SD. Sure T-mobile might have lower prices, but Allttel assure you Alltel will work in more places. Back when I first looked for a cellular provider they were the only company to offer family plans with decent rates. Very flexible, very customer-oriented. Prevarications to customers numerous and lies backed up by more lies.

Verizon’s phone selection is absolutely terrible, often several months behind the offerings of other carriers, and they seem intent on offering only the ugliest, bulkiest phones possible. How is it that when a contract expires and I am still obligated to pay after I cancel. Good for International Use. I don’t see a future in Alltel.


Don’t waste your Money or time!!! Why it’s not the phone for me.

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Click Finish when complete. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. If you are still having trouble, try the QNC Installation is now complete. The signal coverage remains the same, but now I’m being pressured into Verizon plans I don’t want, and have been told different lies by different con-artist salespeople about the future of my account. And then i add insurance on my bill after that phone broke got a normal flip lasted about a year and 3 months before it wouldnt stay charged anymore and the buttons hardly worked, but had 3 months again with out a phone because cant get a new phone at a reasonable price until 3 months before your 2 years is up.

The comeback phone nobody asked for.