On any machine that does not have dedicated graphics memory it is extremely important to run matching memory chips. You can adm your GPU control panel chipeet fix it. Link to the model’s full specs if what I post after isn’t enough: X HD Benchmark 4. Qty 2 Empty Slots: If compared to Intels Pentium-series, the AM offers less performance in most cases. I just know that I very rarely got 60 fps, my max is closer to 45fps and I can dip to single digits for about 6 seconds at a time.

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My computer has been running a6-440m for about 2 months now and Windows even told me to back up everything and clear it to fix the issue. I have shadows on so it may run better if I turn that off. As with standard, if u spill a drink on amd q6-4400m chipset laptop, U fix it.

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I’ll do it this weekend most likely. My HDD has been on the frits for awhile and my performance suffering for months so I know that mine is not a good gauge of if a computer with my specs can run DOA5LR at 60fps under any settings.

Thanks a lot am that advice. Add user to Amd am chipset List after reporting. Also, Vsync and chipse buffering can limit the FPS cap below 60 if your hardware is not strong enough.


Tag mode lags for me the most which isn’t surprising since more models on screen and I also think the statue stage lags the most too which again isn’t surprising given it is animating throughout it. Disable them and you will see improvement in performance. However, when compared to its Llano predecessor, the multithreaded performance of Trinity has only been slightly improved. Once the upgrade is made you will see a variable increase in gaming performance based on the APU you choose.

As alot of components have very sensitive wiring amd am chipset copper contacts, which can break easily if not careful.

AMD AM GHz processor Overview – CNET

I just got a new tb external the other day but been lazy in backing everything up. Single-threaded workloads can especially benefit from the new architecture and the updated Turbo Core functionality.

If compared to Intels Pentium-series, the AM offers less performance in most cases. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. You can use your GPU control panel to fix it.

Created at Tue, 25 Dec I also 6am that it ran better when I turned the game volume all the way down so I am guessing if I turn everything else off it will run even better than that.

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. People here take great pride in ignoring common sense. L2 – 1 MB Chipset: Intel Pentium 4 2. When compared to previous Bulldozer cores, AMD has managed to improve upon the IPC instructions per clock performance of Trinity cores while allowing for higher clock frequencies. Super Pi Mod 1.


If your laptop amd am chipset an optical drive, it can most likely be swapped out for a 2. Sign up for free! Log In Sign Up. Intel HD I get 60fps on fullscreen, it has dips when in windowed mode, there is occasional dips but i think thats the game just i have no problem in the other games i play I would link ad laptop on amazon but the url is too long but you could give it a search i think its an amazing laptop “Theres no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes!

Single-threaded workloads can especially benefit from the new a6-4400k and the updated Turbo Core functionality. Discussions Amd am chipset and Guidelines.

AMD A6-4400M

The problem not virus related as I checked extensively. Here’s a performance boost for your A Series processor. Some laptops now require u to use 1.