NO 1 Select the counter to be cleared with key. The oldest one is sequentially deleted. Transports paper to the transfer section. Fixing Fusing Operation Item Setup Used to set the target image reference density level in the developing bias voltage correction. Remove the locks of the middle tray and the lower tray similarly. The entered value is stored.

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Sharp AR-MU Printers and MFPs specifications

Adjustment on the ad side. List of combination of peripheral devices” described later. Select one of 3 – 7. Adjustment Used to adjust the scanner exposure level in the normal text mode.

Transfer roller collar a Bends paper to adjust the paper feed timing to the process section. A finished broadcast transmission job key can be touched followed by the [DETAIL] key to check the result of the transmission.

Sharp AR-M351U AR-M451U AR-M351N AR-M451N Printer User Manual

Refer to the jam code below. Used to make the initial setting of toner concentration when replacing developer. Used to check the trouble history of paper jam and misfeed. Using The Finisher Functions DSD collar 1 Remove the drum sr.


Up to sheets of 20 lbs. Hyphen Number Indicates the production lot.

Sharp AR-MU Service manual |

When an abnormal temperature of the upper heat roller is detected, the heater lamp power is interrupted. Picture quality Density Purpose Function Purpose Item Adjustment Used to adjust the scanner exposure level in the ultra fine text mode.

Some functions does not allow rotation transmit — Yes — — Yes No. When the above operation is interrupted on the way, the reference toner concentration level is not set. Used to set the automatic magnification ratio selection AMS in the pamphlet mode.

Assures the optical path for laser beams. Resist roller clutch 1 Remove the SPF resist roller unit.

Mirror 1 Remove the table glass. When it is not 0, control is made with the forcible setting value.

LPT line print terminal is the usual designation for a parallel port connection to a printer or other device on a personal computer. Fixing screw M4x8 1 pc. The key operator code is displayed.


Lift up m3351u open the side cover when a misfeed has occurred in the main unit.

Purpose Function Purpose Item Adjustment Used to adjust the scanner exposure level in the fine text mode. The copy lamp unit is fixed, and a document is moved over this glass to scan line by line.

Sharp AR-M351U Manuals

Binary value mode Quality mode AE3. Printers used to print photographs, support A6 format – a standard format 10×15 cmwhich is used most often for printing photos.

The document size sensor output level can be monitored with the LCD display. The operation is repeated the specified number of times before stopping. Storing A Job Program This adjustment is required when the PWB is replaced with a new ae.