I’m looking forward to buy a Flextight. They also sell LCD monitors, projectors and other misc. ICC Calibration Both reflective and transparency IT-8 targets are included allowing the scanner to be periodically calibrated. If you’re gonna buy the Nikon, pls take note: I would recommend calling back and speaking with another tech to see if you can arrange another solution. Nikon has true ICE dust removal that works great, Microtek has some kind of software-only method similar to noise removal that is part of Silverfast.

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I believe Microtek has its HQ in Taiwan and all they do is digital imaging according to websiteso in the long run they might be more dedicated to their product line.

This is a function of healthy demand and not enough units shipping. I don’t own a tf but a friend does who does a lot of MF scanning. Either way you would also need to get a glass holder.

This system delivers maximum dynamic range and hence, image quality. I got a lot of respect for Microtek. About this product Product Information Atrixscan for workers who are worried about reliability and trustworthiness when keeping a digital record, this Microtek slide and film scanner is trusty and useful.

Film Types 35mm strips, 35mm slides, 6×4. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Good luck 120tr to get a repair with the Microtek from what I 1200tf read from others but this could change over time.


Microtek ArtixScan tf Dia & Filmscanner | eBay

It is also possible to view the individual C,M,Y and K channels prior to the final scan. Software plays an equally important 120tt. After a lot of back and forth, they agreed that I had a hardware problem but they don’t repair the tf.

Otherwise, the Nikon is faster and more expensive.

I bought a tf last spring and because of an interstate move and some health problems I didn’t start to use it until this month. Nikon has true ICE dust removal that works great, Microtek has some kind of software-only method similar to noise removal that artisxcan part of Silverfast. It’s also slow artixscab noisy, but produces beautiful scans from all film sizes. Motion Correction Control Microtek developed this technology to eliminate problems that occur naturally as the scanner ages.

Furthermore, Microtek’s Motion Correction Control eliminates problems that occur naturally as the scanner ages.

Microtek ArtixScan 120tf Dia & Filmscanner

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Automatic Image Optimisation SilverFast uses artificial intelligence to optimise the argixscan result. I have the Artiscan tf. Share This Page Tweet. Professional Unsharp Masking Sharpness is a significant feature for brilliant images but controlling it can be difficult.


The image quality is stunning. ScanPilot Achieving high quality results used to require extensive scanning knowledge. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. It’s probably much faster too. Noise and Grain Reduction GANE is a software system that dramatically reduces grain and noise in the image whilst preserving image detail. The Microtek tf makes it easy for you to hook up the scanner and preserve your digitized files on a computer or another digital storage device using its efficient multiple forms of computer connection.

By selecting the required CMYK ICC profile it is possible to view the output colours, based on this profile, prior to scanning saving time-consuming post-scanning adjustments. You may also like. Negafix makes this supremely simple by reducing the negative scanning process to three simple steps.

The ArtixScan tf patented design moves the film holder leaving the lens fixed. A real-time preview permits the best possible setting to be found to achieve maximum removal of unwanted artefacts.