Windows will know which is the one to actually install. I made no changes to make it do that. It sounds as if Windows is expecting to boot in IDE mode. Do you install one or the other, or both? So I don’t wish to change any drivers. That is normal behaviour when Windows has updates ready to install, but needs to restart to do so. May 8, at 5:

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This post does not match the desired netiquette of the Forum. Also, why do you recommend that I update the drive’s firmware in another box? It sounds as if Windows is expecting to boot in IDE mode.

sivsoft’s notes: Enabling AHCI on Asus P5Q-E motherboard after installing Windows XP (ICH10/P45)

If I then pressed the power button it?? After having opened these INF files with the Editor notepad. It caused all manner of system problems, including hangs, boot problems like you mentioned, and even, in some cases, the complete inability to power the machine on.


Regards and thanks in advance for any and all advice. This board is old, so instead of Asus website, I went to Intel’s and ran their chipset driver installer.


It was all fine. Please enter a reason for warning.

Asus P5Q-E Hardware User Manual: Ahci Configuration

Congrats to the Winners! Why are you mentioning the DVD drive? I have a IDE dvd drive too, so maybe installing from that is better, and install the sata dvd drive after install?

When I pressed the reset button, the machine powered down and booted to the desktop, then promptly appeared to shut itself down. Sat Mar 10, 5: They may not be the best performance but they will get you working. When I pressed the keys to wake it up-nothing. If you want to avoid a fresh XP installation, I recommend to do the following: Have you looked into the “Properties” of the Disk 4?

A new episode in the saga. Put it in, and so far, so good. Aug 12, Posts: Any idea how to get those AHCI chipset drivers to installed successfully? Seeing as I don’t need any of the Marvell features, sounds like I can disable this and forget the drivers! Why do you recommend updating the firmware in another machine?

Is this “no shutdown only ” situation MS not wanting me to shut down without updating or?? There are a lot of users, who just want to get the latest version of everything, no matter aeus it is useful or not. There is another way to get knowledge about all installed third party drivers: You only need the sata drivers slipstreamed.


Forum – Specific: Intel AHCI/RAID Drivers ยป Asus P5Q deluxe

It’ll speed up your boot times too as the bios won’t have to enumerate what’s on those ports. Today, my machine has suddenly decided that it will wake up from sleep, but it will prompt me for the logon password.

Adus enter a reason for warning. Sun Feb 01, 6: Yesterday the problem MAY have resolved itself, and my guess is it may have been an update issue. I am mentioning the dvd cause of this post: