PC AV should be checked. You must uninstall the NTFS driver before installing the v1. It works great with Reason as Reason only uses the outputs. Refer to Known Issues for recommended settings for Windows and various audio applications. If you often encounter “Error Click OK to close the System control panel dialog. If there are any other wave drivers installed on your system, and if you just selected the AMIII as your preferred device, please restart Windows now.

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Please exit Logic Audio first. Neither the pop nor the period of silence will show up in the recorded file. To choose another default wave file player, Launch Windows Explorer.

The Add New Hardware Wizard dialog will say, “Windows has finished installing the software you selected that your new hardware device requires.

Shut down or Restart Windows Play at least one track. Press the Edit button.

audiimedia Neither the pop nor the period of silence will show up in the recorded file. If you often encounter “Error Go to the View Options menu. If you are installing CWPA 9. Search for the following files in the root directory of C: On the Settings page of the disk’s properties dialog, make sure the “DMA” option is enabled. If you wish to delete them, we do NOT recommend deleting Mfc Associate your new wave file player with the Open and Play events.


When playing or recording in another audio application. In Acid, press Stop and then press Play again. Press OK to save your settings and exit the Device Setup app. As a result, some settings will be disabled in the Multimedia control panel Audio tab.


Please exit Logic Audio first. You must uninstall the NTFS driver before installing the v1.

Adam Rosen Last Update: Make sure “Do not pre-roll buffers before starting playback” is disabled. The wave driver will display “Error If we uninstalled 8. We recommend not associating system sounds with the “Select”, “Open Program”, and “Close Program” events.

Digidesign AudioMedia III (April ) supports windows

Sync mode may waave set to Internal or Digital and is Internal by default. Go to Tools Audio Hardware. The Large buffer setting has been removed.

Note that a Sync mode setting of Digital will be lost if you have chosen the Windows Default sound scheme for your system sounds.


Press OK to close the dialog and save your settings.

Select the Files Types tab. The wave driver copies the client app’s buffers to the AMIII’s own buffers in a double-buffering scheme.

One or both of these things will occur. Available sample rates are Hz, Hz, Hz, and Hz.