In this type of speed camera trap, your detector is relying on the radar beam reflecting off oncoming traffic driving towards you, or from large stationary objects. Beltronics did had some problems with the very first STi models released, with overheating issues and “service required” coming up on the screen. Third run, the detectors were switched around so the Sti XR was now on the left. Test three – on the return trip, traveling in the opposite direction the camera was on the opposite side of the road and facing in the opposite direction to travel. No other country has a “specially modified” variation of the Bel STi Driver.

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Beltronics is again ahead others radar detector manufacturers.

Bel STi XR vs Bel Sti Driver – we put them to the test

So why is there a huge difference in price between the US model and the AU model? Click on thumbnail to enlarge. In this type of speed camera trap, your detector is relying bellltronics the radar beam reflecting off oncoming traffic driving towards you, or from large stationary objects. The software versions are identical between the XR and Driver. This will show with absolute proof what differences lie in the software of the two models.

Beltronics STI

For this reason, there can often be little advanced warning. Thanks to this combination, you have the ultimate protection against all kinds of radar including the MultaRadar CDred light cameras, and average cams all over Europe!

If a unit had been designed and modified for another country, it would be reasonable to expect a different FCC approval number. So if the hardware is identical, then they must have different software right?


But in the interest of “covering all bases”, the next tests were run with only one detector powered up at any time. Again there seemed little if any differences in performance. So after determining the only external differences between the Bel STi Driver vs Bel XR are two paper stickers that appear to be hand applied due to their aligment the next step was to open the units up and look at their internals:. Hook up with Us.

For the final comparison between the two detectors, another Ka-band Speed Camera was chosen. Beltronics really needs to offer this in their product.

The two radar detector models, the Bel STi Driver and Bel XR blltronics come in an identical hard travel case, and include the exact same accessories. The XR has better heat resistant internal components for the extreme heat levels we get in Australia. Click on the image to watch the video. This makes the STi-R Plus M-Edition not only the ultimate defense system but also the most comfortable detector to use! The first radar test challenged a Multanova 6F speed camera Ka band and several passes were made with both the STi Driver and the STi XR to see if there were any differences in sensitivity between the two.

If you order a Bel XR from any Australian seller on or off line you will see this exact belltronis over the box seal. The sticker as shown in the image below ends with the following sentence:. Fifth run, XR on left, Driver on the right. It’s very interesting how ssti runs within minutes of one another can produce such different results.

Beltronics STI: Radar & Laser Detectors | eBay

Don’t really know what happened here, but the Driver alerted 9 seconds before the XR did. Third run, the Sti Driver alerted approx 17 seconds before passing the camera, but had a pause about 5 seconds after the initial alert. It is difficult to establish any clear winner, and certainly the Bel XR did not “outperform” the USA version against Australian radars.


For this reason, it makes an excellent test for comparing radar detectors. No other country has a “specially modified” variation of the Bel STi Driver. The older model Bel i could indeed be programmed for superior Multanova detection, however the later models RX65 and STi cannot?! Why would the so called “Australian version” software detect frequencies that could bellteonics possibly ever be used in Australia?

The reason is that the “electronic noise” emitted from radar detectors can interfere with and effect the sensitivity of each other.

Given the only state in Australia where RD’s are legal to own and operate employs 27 mobile Multanova speed cameras, one would bellhronics the Bel XR “Australian version” to include a Ka-band selection rather than just Ka superwidesince it is widely known the difficulty in detecting this speed cameras.

RX65i is exclusively tuned for use in European Union and it is the most advanced portable radar detector The Sti Driver alerted a few seconds prior to the XR. Making use of the segmentation of K-band, Beltronics increased the performance of its products to the max.