Just click on the ‘Receive’ button on the main Bitware window and a fax manager starts up. To find a word quickly, enter it in the text-entry box above. For Sales, press 1 and pound; for Technical Support, press 2 and pound; for common questions and answers Fax Documents, press 3 and pound. When completed click OK. Register your copy of BitWare. Press [2] to repeat the message. Open or select the mailbox for which you want to create a greeting message.

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Delete the following malicious folders: The following is an example: Automatically deletes fax documents after a specified time.

In the Document ID field, assign a document ID to this file, and add a brief description of the fax in the Comment field. Text placement was very primitive with only left justification, tabs and carriage returns used for formatting. For instance, the ‘Dial Fax’ screen included dialing options, single recipient entry fields, speed dial buttons, and buttons to add a cover page, set a dialing schedule, preview the outgoing fax, and to send the fax.

Press [1] to play the next message. You want item 3 to be your NY Sales office. The Voice Manager also gives you remote access to your PC, allowing you to retrieve faxes and voice messages from any touch-tone telephone.


Click the Add button to add the person to the Recipients list. Some COM port drivers do not allow auto-detection. Dialing Out of a PBX system If you have to dial a special number and then wait for a second dial tone before dialing an outside line, you can add it to the very end of the Dial Prefix string.

Record your own greeting message over the current Default Mailbox Greeting. This is done to ensure that what you see on your screen is what BitWare sends as a fax.

Bitware Version (Feb)

Enter your credit card number and your long distance access code. Toolbar Along the top left of the BitCom window is the toolbar — a strip of graphical command buttons.

Let engineers do the job concerning BitWare Print Monitor removal – get our removal tool! To create a voice mailbox: This is where the characters you send and receive appear. Chances are most incoming faxes will not be original data transmissions.

Method 1 for placing outgoing calls 1. Enter your password and click OK. This method is called “bundled installation”. After the beep, begin recording your message. To prevent a time-out, the caller should add extra commas after the ‘D’, as well. BitWare connects your PC to the world of online computing.

BitWare Print Monitor Removal – Remove BitWare Print Monitor Easily!

These fields can be ignored. When you click on some of the status areas, a menu will pop up, letting you change the settings.


Open the BitCom window. For instance, the extra commas in the suffix, ‘,,D,,,’ will make the caller’s communication software wait a little longer before timing out. If the modem only reports Phase B errors and drops carrier when using Distinctive Ring from within Bitware, please do the following applies to Diamond Voice 56VE modems only: The Voice Manager will open, from which you can open the appropriate mailbox to play your voice messages.


The Telstra service is very sensitive and if your fax has been received by them and returned to you clearly – then your modem is working correctly. Enter your SkyFax number and your SkyFax bitwage code if necessary. How do I setup BitWare so it will only play my voice and greeting to incoming voice calls? In this chapter, you will learn: Some applications use a different command, such as Target Printer… or Select Printer….