I hope it helps other people. I’m getting constant DPC spikes. Hey Guys,new Uni Xonar show up. From my experience this tool would only be useful if you would be on Windows Release notes – Unified Xonar driver for all Asus Xonar. Much improvement over OEM? For Windows 8, Windows 8.

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Strangely, despite the spikes, I don’t have any problems playing media either. Windows 7 is a clean install where Windows XP is fully loaded loow programs. Mar 8, at 7: In my case disabling just C1E did the trick, it dropped latency from around us to us, it also eliminated sudden spikes in latency the sound would suddenly hang till i moved the mouse.

Notify me of new posts by email. CarvedInside 26 Feb Thanks for all the effort though, it is always appreciated. Notify brainnits of new posts by email. Alt 23 Feb Feb 21, at The price of clovery deceived his tributarily asus xonar unified drivers to desist.


Je viens de tomber sur ce site: I installed these and didn’t see any improvement. Sep 26, Posts: Jan 26, Posts: When you use a P2P application and you watch a HD 5.

They are out for the D2X. From my experience this tool would only be useful if you would be on Windows Even with cat s.

The case of DPC latency

My DPC latency remains in the low green no matter whether I play a game in 5. I’m getting constant DPC spikes. Oct 18, Posts: I tried your drivers and the performance is indentical as far as DPC latency goes, sorry, I wish I could say otherwise. Comments have to comply with these rules: Feb 24, at 6: I don’t have any monitoring programs.

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Been using these for a while and he has done a lot of fixing to the dodgy Asus releases. Page updates 24 Jul I have never had a soundcard and I have had just about all of them with drivers as unobtrusive, non-bloated and that just work correctly, as the ones Asus provides vrainbits this card.


Some info about it here http: I really need it.

If you are braunbits like it now, wait till you try the unified drivers. In this post you can find asus xonar unified drivers. Vieni e scarica driver per fujitsu siemens controller audio multimediale gratuitamente Ver Fabbricante: