The finest print mode. For more information about the Reprint function, see Reprinting documents. Color Choose how to print colour graphics either Black and White or Color. This will permit faster printing; however, you might lose special characters not supported by the printer font. Back to Front prints the document so that page 1 is on the bottom of the stack.

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Brotherhl Brother HL-4070CDW BR-Script3 drivers for Windows 7 x86

Have you checked the manuals? Scaling Specifies whether to reduce or enlarge documents, and by what percentage. Ports tab Choose the port where your printer is connected or the hhl-4070cdw to the network printer you are using. If the Cyan, Magenta or Yellow toner runs out, choosing Mono will allow you to keep printing as long as the Black toner does not run out.

The available options will vary depending on the machine. Available features of the Brother Universal Printer Driver differ depending on the machine’s functions.

Use this mode to print precise images such as photographs. Mono Selecting Mono mode prints your documents in grayscale. For the best print quality, select the type of media that you wish to use.


Colour The h-l4070cdw will print all pages in full colour mode. This will permit faster brothdr however, you might lose special characters not supported by the printer font.

To select a different machine, click Change Device. Normal This is the Default colour mode. Page Order Specifies the order in which the pages of your document will be printed. Halftone Screen Lock Stops other applications from modifying the Halftone settings.

If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service: Fine dpi class. Recommended for ordinary printing.

Use the Universal Printer Driver for BR-Script. (PostScript language emulation) | Brother

Click Download as Softfont to download TrueType fonts for printing instead of using printer fonts. If you want the calculations for colour matching to be performed on the host computer before it sends the document to the printer, click ICM Handled by Host System. Click Substitute with Device Font the default to use equivalent printer fonts for printing documents that contain TrueType fonts. Specifies the TrueType font options.

Media Type You can use the following types of media in your printer. You can conserve toner using this feature. Print Quality You can choose the following print quality settings. The default setting is Off. Good print quality with good print br-scrilt3. Copy Count The copy selection sets the number of copies that will be printed.


You can change the BR-script emulation language level. You can get high quality image printing. The Brother Universal Printer Driver is a printer driver for use with Brother machines on your network. Gamma Correction You can adjust the brightness of your printed document compared to hl-4070ccdw image on the screen.

Only the machines using PostScript emulation will be displayed in the device list. The finest print mode. Contact Us Product Registration Visit www. For more information about the Reprint function, see Reprinting documents. You hl-4070cdww search for available Brother machines on your network and print documents without installing separate printer drivers.