Damage to Premises The Buyer shall be responsible for the removal of all goods purchased at his own expense and risk and such removal must be carried out safely and lawfully and in accordance with any conditions of sale of which the Buyer is notified. The Buyer has no right to anything not described in the auction catalogue. We are making things easier for you, auction specific shipping information coming soon. Title does not pass to the purchaser until payment has been received in full. Your registration has been successful. In the event that any provisions of these conditions shall be held unenforceable for any reason, the remaining conditions shall remain in full force and effect.

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In making a bid for any lots, the Buyer does so as principal.

Please also ensure that: Default by Buyer Upon failure by the Buyer for whatsoever reason: These lots will be specified in the sale catalogue. If there is any inconsistency between any of these conditions and anything in the Notices to Purchasers, then those in the Notices to Purchasers shall prevail.

All approved bidders will automatically have their details placed on our database for notification of futures sales undertaken by Edward Symmons only.

The Consumer Protection Act No lots are sold as new. Bidding for any lot shall be deemed to be an acceptance of these conditions and any conditions in the Notices to Purchasers. Calconp from the date and time the Buyer is declared, all risks in and relating to the Goods purchased, shall pass to the Buyer and the Buyer is strongly advised to effect insurance for these risks at once.

Unfortunately, your registration has been declined by the auctioneer.


Neither the Auctioneers nor the Vendor shall be liable to account to the Buyer in the event of a re-sale at a higher price calcpmp the price contracted to be paid by the Buyer.


In circumstances where the Auctioneers cslcomp so agreed, the Buyer and the third party will jointly and severally be liable for all obligations arising from the bid where a third party shall be bound by these conditions by the individual bidding as his agent in the same way as if he were bidding personally. To be sure to win, come back on 11 Feb Edward Symmons reserve the right to refuse to accept the bid of any bidder should they 546 unable to satisfy Edward Symmons on any of the above.

There was an error sending your enquiry, why not try again later.

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All electrical installations must be left in a safe condition during and after the removal and the use of explosives or flame cutting equipment or any other potentially hazardous or inflammatory process shall not be permissible on the site without the express written consent of the Auctioneers. The highest bidder for each lot at the close of bidding shall be the Buyer, subject to approval by the Auctioneers and the Vendor.

Ask seller a question. The Buyer will be held personally and solely liable for a bid unless the Auctioneers have previously agreed in writing with the Buyer that that bidder will do so on behalf of an identified third party acceptable to the Auctioneers.

Third Party Rights Save as expressly provided in these conditions, no term of these conditions shall be enforceable under The Contracts Rights of Third Parties Act by a third party.

Venue Address Toll Bar Road.

Calcomp TechJet 5436

All purchasers intending to export their purchases will be charged a deposit equal to that of the VAT due on each lot purchased. The highest bid at the close of bidding subject to approval by the Auctioneers and Vendor also marks a conclusion of a contract of sale between the Vendor and the Buyer.

We are unable to refund the VAT on the buyers premium in any circumstances. Dangerous Substances It is expressly brought to the attention of Buyers and potential buyers that certain types of plant or main service installations could contain blue and white asbestos, dangerous chemicals and hazardous waste which if not handled correctly during their removal from the premises could be in breach of the Health and Safety at Work Etc.


Removal shall take place only up xalcomp 5. Auctioneer as Agent The Auctioneers act only as Agents for and on behalf of the Vendor and shall not be held responsible for any action or default on the part of either the Vendor, bidders or the Buyer.

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Your bid or registration is pending approval with the auctioneer. You have been outbid. Ends from 11 Feb No bid may be withdrawn after the close of bidding.

The Buyer shall be responsible for the removal of all goods purchased at his own expense and risk and such removal must be carried out safely and lawfully and in accordance with any conditions of sale of which the Buyer is notified. Act ; the Environmental Protection Act ; Construction Design and Management Regulations or any other Act of Parliament or regulations thereunder governing the use of that plant, machinery or equipment in a working environment. The Buyer will be responsible for removal of lots at his own expense and must provide his own labour, and equipment.

The Auctioneers reserve the right to stop the removal of a lot by a Buyer, his agents or employees, if it appears to the Auctioneers or its agents or employees that the removal is being carried out in an unsafe or unsatisfactory way.