There may be minor stone chips on the sole and marks resulting from normal wear and tear. Shaft Fubuki feels a little more dead than the speeder i was using but dont be fooled. I would definitely give it a test drive. I have to say, this Driver does “exactly what it says on the Tin” I tried this out at my local Pro shop and tried various shafts, courtesy of the iMix trolley where you just screw the heads and shafts together. This Driver is the I-Mix version.

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Looks like a very nice driver. Never felt like the head moved through the hitting zone the same way twice.

I have occasionally hit a few draws on toe hits, but other than that the club is long and straight. CRay 10 years ago. I’m currently going into my fifth season of golf with my handicap getting lower every season.

Erik 10 years ago. Although we do rate grips separately, we trust that a detailed explanation of the rating system is not necessary. Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki Dsgree steel shafts, one or two of the stickers may have begun to fray slightly but the shafts themselves will be in good order with just a minor scratch here and there.


What can I say? Next to impossible to gauge now. I’ve been told by several people that the problem, for once, is the club and not me.

Callaway FT IQ Driver

I felt weird swinging big square head too. The sleak looking new Callaway FT-iQ driver has been designed callawy influences from Lamborghini supercars and stealth jet fighters and the sample obtained by the Today’s Golfer golf equipment team certainly echoes this. Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. Area Code Handicap: There may be one or two minor wear marks on graphite shafts where they have rubbed against the bag. But when I change my grip from a strong grip i seemed to struggle with it.

Also the shaft I used was Fubuki Stiff but felt very “soft” feeling compared to other stiff shafts I tried.

Now waiting on the fairway version and using a G10 atm which has some lead on it to bring the weight up. The technology of the IQ is exceptional imo and fits perfectly with my swing. The head is only shop-soiled and could degfee be passed ‘As New’.


I felt I had lost confidence in the club. Ratings out of 5: Having said that I demo’d the IQ, 8. I can only hope this club is an even greater step callawah.

Callaway FT-iQ

Shaft Fubuki feels a little more dead than the speeder i was using but dont be fooled. Now I haven’t given this club 5 stars as a it’s quite expensive and b I think the grip is awful.

If you hit a draw as your stock shot, calalway, this club is useless. It may or may not still have the wrapping on, but the club has never been used. Posted 05 January – Detree in all though I still feel it was a great driver and certainly helped me lower my game.

Ben 10 years ago. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.