If the standards are off, adjust according to the procedure described below. Reading condition settings SW No. Laser scanner unit 1 Remove the printer from the main body. These batteries are located on the image controller PCB. If paper still does not arrive at the sensor after the stipulated amount of time has passed, it is judged a paper leading edge sensor delay jam has occurred. Choose a well-ventilated location f.

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Each chapter consists of the following sections. Is the output glass, mirrors 1 to 4 image normal?

The technology of every toner and drum is constantly researched and developed to add quality and value to your Canon print output so with Canon Original Toner Cartridges you can be guaranteed exceptional and reliable results every time. When the feeder controller PCB receives the pick-up control signal, the feeder motor M begins to rotate, and ccanon pick-up solenoid is turned ON.

Fixing assembly malfunction detector NO Explain to the customer that the trouble is not caused by the machine. Error codes for errors which occur in reception due to RTN signal bp160 error: YES Find the reason why the fuse blew. Abnormal Normal Main motor M Figure 7.


Paper jams occur due to condensation of the pick-up and feeder guides. Laser Scanner Motor Control Are there any creases or skewing on the copy paper at this time?

Check the condition of the main motor malfunction using the status 35 feeding unit malfunction detailed status Bit 6.

Laser Beam Safety Half tone density processing Load new packing paper and make a test copy. If paper has not arrived at the paper leading edge sensor approx. Is the trouble resolved when new Paper condition 2 paper is used?

Answer yes or primter to the items in the Items to Check column. If it is worn, replace it.

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One-touch dial, speed dial, group dial entries. One cause of document jams is the ADF is used without the filament tape being removed. Detects whether there is printr present in the multi-feeder. The service mode is divided into the 10 items 1- 10 cited below.

Canon GP Manuals

Primary Charging Roller Bias Control Paper Pick-up Assembly Function Bit setting 1 0 0 Add paper indicator judgment conditions No paper in one location No paper of the same size 1 Multi-feeder at time of add paper judgment Do not include Include in in judgment judgment conditions conditions 2 Reserved 3 Reserved 4 Reserved 5 Reserved 6 Reserved 7 Reserved Table [Bit 0] Selects add paper judgment conditions.


Toner safety The toner is a non-toxic substance composed of plastic, iron and a small amount of pigment. The units depicted in the diagrams in this chapter have all been fitted with the automatic document feeder.

NO Explain to the customer that the trouble is not caused by the copier. Does the lifting plate rise when the cassette priner set into the Main unit? NO 10 Does the image improve when the mirror and lens dust proof glass are cleaned?

Canon GP160 Manuals

Installing the cartridge Work details 1 Lift the cartridge out of the box while it is still in the original packing material. Remove the cartridge before servicing. When the condition of the telephone line is not good and it is difficult to receive image signals, set to ms.