Each bit in that byte indicates which key is pressed. There is currently no fix for this consequence. Everything you need to know about performing an EEG study at the department for internal researchers only. Problem with RB Cedrus response boxes. I’m wondering if I can tweak some parameters in Presentation so that it uniquely identifies button releases, which according to Cedrus, the RB should be sending. Iolabs device [1] might be better than the Cedrus box detailed below.

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Right now, I can’t get Presentation to recognize unique button releases. The code is also capable of handling two devices at the same time, e.

It’s a strange problem, but at least there seems to be a workaround. Rb-70 is a faculty lab room! Presentation The department has 4 license keys for Presentation software; license keys are needed for running and developing experiments in Presentation.

Were you asking about other modes of this box? Extremely high spatial resolution measurements of an average of 0.

The department has 4 license keys for Experiment Builder software; license keys are needed for running experiments on the Eyelink or developing experiments in Experiment Builder. To use the button-box with a python program, we put dipswitches 1 and 2 down so the box used XID eXperimental Interface Device communication protocol, which provides timestamps of button press times.


In other words, the problem I have with a two button paradigm, is once one button is released, Presentation won’t be able to distinguish which button has released and will think BOTH have. Cerus on-line, during-experiment timing verification we trigger a photodetector by drawing on the screen at a known time, and have the photodetector trigger an event in the button box.

I sent you an example of script that was working in Inquisit 4 and doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Department of Experimental Psychology

In the attached file that shows how we tested the precision of the box relative to the computer clock, you can see how I did this. You can avoid this box by logging in before posting. R-b730 Pebler Thank you, Elena 6. Cedrus boxes use a usb to serial port, the desktops are configured to recognize cedrus boxes on COM4.

Yes they are exactly the same numbers coming from your script.

Neurobehavioral Systems

Iolabs cedrux [1] might be better than the Cedrus box detailed below. To avoid this, you need to record both separately. So it’s sending you the device state every time the device state changes. The measured response time is about 25 to 30 ms longer than the registered response time by eprime According to the manufacturer the maximum delay is about 12 ms on behalf of the touchscreen.


The Elo touch reacts correctly and generates a mouse click when touching the screen. What do you mean by “release code”? This video-based technology avoids some of the disadvantages inherent in systems that use semi-invasive electrodes or contact lenses, including drift and noise artifacts.

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There is currently no fix for this consequence. You can handle this kind of data using the most recent version of Presentation.


Thanks, Elena Thanks, Elena. We will update the code once we know exactly what the time drift is and can compensate for it. Dave Posted Last Year Flat Ascending Flat Descending Threaded. All files that used the response box behave similarly. Kate Ergo This is a faculty lab room! Cedrus usb boxes The department has 15 RB responsboxes from Cedrus that are “tuned” with 4 more time accurate push buttons.