Maybe this is a driver issue? Added by David K. Default and alternate sample rates are the same. Same for the second adapter that is shown in the list. It’s possible that the two versions are getting the mux list from a different place, and one is wrong.

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Too bad that linux-firmware-nonfree doesn’t install it anyway.

Initialized Em28xx Input Extension extension [ However, I’m not convinced by this: Registered protocol family 31 [ But I noticed the last line of the output to be: Thanks for posting a more elaborate answer! Initialized Em28xx dvb Extension extension [ However, no worries, we’ll just delete the other answer I’ll flag it for moderators to do so!

I read somewhere that the firmware would be the same as the “h5” and cinrrgy that file existed i felt safe about it. Video interface 0 found Nov 14 New device interface 0, class 0 em28xx: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Also, check that you have the linux-firmware package installed http: I really wonder why this is not working, but can’t really figure out why.

I tried dvb-fe-tool, but it could only show details about one adapter at a time. It is version 3.

All the muxes are found without any issues. I’m more familiar with T and S, to a lesser extent. I can’t really help with adding DVB-C muxes Added by David K.

[linux-dvb] Anatomy of the TerraTec Cinergy HTC USB XS HD stick

Then, you must rename initial-tuning-data-txt as scanfile. Copyright C Markus Rechberger Nov 14 Successfully loaded em28xx-dvb Nov 14 I can immediately watch Live TV, no issues. It in list select automatic search. Welcome to Ask Ubuntu anon! Initialized Em28xx dvb Extension extension.

Bus Device Things I’d probalby do: World regulatory domain updated: If the Ubuntu list is wrong, you can add them all manually or you can add one and enable “auto-detect muxes” to find the rest. Also there is now just one adapter displayed.


[linux-dvb] Anatomy of the TerraTec Cinergy HTC USB XS HD stick

Now some system information Ubuntu Then I choose one of the adaptors, enable it and usbb the muxes by region which works. I appreciate any help. Start scanning for channels and when it’s done, move them to the other left column.