You can then begin the driver installation procedure. Look under Device Status to check that the device is working properly. Other brands More information. Check Your Package Contents. It is intended to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your WLAN network. You will need to obtain the necessary connection information from your network administrator. Reproduction in whole or in part without More information.

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For example, if the first computer is assigned an IP Address of with a Subnet Mask ofthen the second computer can be assigned an IP address of with a Subnet Mask ofetc.

Click Next to continue the installation. If you are having difficulty connecting, check to make sure that the IP Address of the wireless adapter is within the IP address range of your network.

Conceptronic C54RC (8714909006033) Wireless Adapter

Wireless network adapters for all computers in the ad-hoc network. You can enter the name of folder that is different from the default name or accept the default name of the folder, wirelees shown on the screen above.

An Ad Hoc Network with Internet Sharing If you have two or more computers desktops or laptops and want to share files, printers, and Internet access using one computer or laptop as an Internet Server, Install the More information. Linksys is a registered. Copyright All rights reserved. If you want the software to be installed in a wireleess that is different from the default, click the Browse button to select a folder.


Please refer to the Networking Basics section Be sure to keep all user documentation More information.

C54RC/C54Ri Conceptronic Wireless 54Mbps PC/PCI Card Manual – PDF

If you also have a Wireless Access Point at home, you coonceptronic need a different set of settings to connect to that Access Point. Maximum data rates are achieved only when a maximum signal strength exists on the WLAN link. All brand and product names are the trademarks of their respective owners.

Make sure the wireless client is associated and joined with the correct Access Point. Then follow the instructions in this guide to. The Wireless Connection Status window will open, as shown above.

Table of Contents Product Overview This type of installation requires that you provide a dynamic IP address for each computer on your network. When your Ad Hoc network is complete it may look similar to this: Please refer to the Networking Basics section in this manual entitled, Checking the Wireless Configuration.

Conceptronic Wireless 54Mbps PC Card specifications

Then, the router automatically enters the self-test phase. Options Clicking the Option tab will open the following page. A Division of Cisco Systems, Inc. Authentication is a process very similar to entering a username and password when you log on to your PC.


Clicking the Close button will bring you back to the Wireless Network Connection Properties dialog box, as shown below.

C54RC/C54Ri Conceptronic Wireless 54Mbps PC/PCI Card Manual

To complete this installation, please follow these steps: Chapter 2 Preparing Your Network Chapter 2 Preparing Your Network This document describes how to prepare your network to connect to the Internet through a router and how to verify the readiness of your broadband Internet service from More information. Conceptroic under Device Status to check that the device is working properly. This will allow you to use the IP address and proxy server settings that are associated with each WLAN profile to be used.

To open the Connect to Wireless Network dialog box, double-click the LAN Connection conceptroniic in the Task Tray the icon looks like two computers sitting one in front of the other. It is a protocol for assigning dynamic IP addresses automatically.

To complete the installation, please follow these conceptronoc