It’s only compatible on select few Dell notebooks for now, but is this wireless standard ready to replace your USB cable? Get Our Best Stories! There’s a striking level of appreciation you gain for everyday consumer electronics after working with modern nuclear reactivity systems astonishingly powered by computers from the 80s. Users relying on Gigabit speeds may notice the lower bandwidth ceiling, while users on a slower mbps network will see essentially no differences in performance when using the dock. Please share our article, every link counts!

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CDM results when connected to dock 50 cm away. Fortunately, the standard 2. Video quality did not drop when the notebook was moved more than 5 meters away, though the very slight amount of frame skips did become a bit more noticeable with increasing distance.

The dock’s connectivity speeds, particularly for USB devices, is still behind a dedicated cable connection and some of the infrequent bugs we ran into during testing, such as a frozen or wirelezs flashing screen, will hopefully be fixed. The D’s ports include three USB 3. It is a great solution for those doci know they can make use of its wireless functionality in this manner and positioning, otherwise a standard USB 3. In fact, rock connection is so sensitive that the manufacturer recommends placing the dock behind the notebook and facing towards the outer lid.


The WiGig protocol aka When the cable was connected directly to the laptop, the transfer averaged 32 seconds. The technology itself is promising and the D will likely improve doci future sock and driver updates. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. I had to make sure that the front of the dock was facing at me, and that the laptop itself was facing the dock. Please share our article, every link counts!

Cons Only currently compatible with the Dell Latitude u. Best Displaysfor University Students.

Dell Wireless Dock D Review & Rating |

The four face surfaces are glossy and quite the fingerprint magnet. How to Block Robocalls and Spam Calls. When connected via the D dock 5 m away, connection dropped again slightly and with more jitter. It performed well in our testing, and anyone buying the u would do well to consider getting it as an accessory.

Both the HDMI and DP ports on the dock support up to x at 60 Hz, which we can confirm when extending to an external monitor at said native resolution. We have taken close looks at USB 3. All-in-one Wireless Docking Solution. Repeating the same test when the dock was positioned on the left or right side of the notebook resulted in random disconnects akin to physically unplugging the USB device.

We find out in this full review. A direct crossover connection with the server returned a steady mbps. The D can connect to a wired network through its Ethernet port and pass the networking connection to the laptop. Please, switch off ad blockers and support us!


The Dell Wireless Dock D is the first laptop dock to use wrieless promising WiGig technology, and it provides convenience and extra ports to Wireleess u owners.

There is a pairing button on the dock to facilitate connection, but I was usually able to connect without having to press it. Underside is rubberized with stable footing.

Dell Wireless Dock D5000

Bottom Line The Dell Wireless Dock D is the first laptop dock to use the promising WiGig technology, and it provides convenience and extra ports to Latitude u owners. Read speeds dropped by about 30 percent from With a timer on both mirrored screens and a camera set to a fast shutter speed, we were able to capture a delay of about 30 ms between the local display and the external.

The big drawback is the high sensitivity of the connection. Once in a while I couldn’t get it to reconnect without a reboot.

Distinct edges with rounded corners and a matte top.