Then I go back in details on two mats I own and like. In addition to build the Deluxe series, Futuremax is the major european dealer. But after just checking their site I am not sure if they offer it anymore. They slide on the floor a lot, making it a challenge to keep in mind the position of the arrows. You can also play the ebay gamble and get a random unknown brand but seriously who knows how good its really going to be. The comfort is greatly improved by the foam absorbing the shocks of your feet on the floor.

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Right, this is french, and I understand too little in the world of manual work to do the translation In my opinion they are better more sensitive than the arcades. If not get stepmaina X to usb converter and connect to usb port 3. Their website isn’t working or anything so yes, I assume they are out of business. These things are an investment but totally worth it. Submit a new link.

US players have less to worry, with Dance Pad Mania still online and running. The time now is Despite its thinness the PG Impact does not slide on the floor and has a very good durability. This will give the buttons a nice hard surface to click on but still give the entire pad some cushion. These mats offer more durabilitybut it also depends on how you use your mat: Find More Posts by ca25nada.



It is a surprisingly thin mat, step,ania inserts lying only under the arrows. This foam insert brings several sweets: These are the cheapest mats available.

Offers for this category: Play stepmania and wreck pad files until the pad danec out. I’ve played on several boarded pads and they always work better than non boarded. Somewhere in Canadaland Age: How to play stepmania with a dance pad?

Best Bang for your buck Dance Pad? : Stepmania

The comfort is greatly improved by the foam absorbing the shocks of your feet on the floor. I think this is the toughest mat you can find. So taping a cheap pad to hard floor or a board usually makes it a “good” pad.

Your best bet is to look on ebay or amazon. On this page you will find every single mat listed above.

Submit a new text post. Hey people I want to play Stepmania with a dance pad and don’t know how to go about this. Living in France, it would be expansive to ship mats from there stfpmania this page focus on the european mats I know. Find More Posts by Frans Back to the commercial mats, let’s check it out right now!


Where can you buy your foam inserted mat: Hello i really like stepmania and ive used the crappy dance pads that used to come for the PS2 games Otherwise, you’d likely have to download extra drivers and programs for the danec to read the controller properly. Or you can buy other metal pads from here: Put some puzzle exercise mats together or step,ania up a yoga mat and just set your boarded pad on top.