Walesa backs church call for calm 2 India: The basic design is much more robust and the disk and drive are in a permanently sealed unit More precision becomes possible, allowing the recording head to fly only millionths of an inch above the disc surface to give much more data per surface. The influen tial Ha’azetz newspaper commented re- cently that ‘although there are a great many technological and finan- cial questions here,- anyone who buys or sells reactors of tiiis kind is functioning above aQ in the political sphere. After 40 years of experience this genius will trumph. He also attacked West Germany for its “revanchist’ claims on East Germany. Section m TOKYO shar es turned lower as in- vestors retreated and unloaded stocks in small lots, reversing an early 3-point rise in the N ik kei Dow market average, to finish

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However, 8523v officials have refused to give an updated esti- mate, Boost recently in evidence to MPs last Monday, because of the uncertainties of fully estimating the cost It is likely that a revised figure will be given m the budget on March School children learn from it.

The iron and steel and pulp and paper sectors also grew strongly. A bank with 3. The idea is that the institutions should act as a family, sharing par- ticular skills. Almost an 01 them have pan American, is currently under now offered BA an option to settle negotiation.

With the single exception of the Sellafield reprocessing factory of British Nuclear Fuels, in Cumbria, estimated radiation doses for the general public from nuclear plants are at least a factor of 10 lower than the dose limits recommended, tbe report says. The new Interest in extrusion is the result partly of greater competition in the food Industry that forces companies to th ink more deeply about produet innovations. New York, New York or b subject to any laws or regulations applicable thereto, at the main offices of Citibank, NA.


The whole process is rather intuitive at present. Qwerty Computer Systems Ud, Northampton.


Negotiations on an export credit agreement between the two countries are to be con- tinued in Stockholm next month. As importantly, it was looking for members to en- hance industry’s reputation by pub- scr showing what had already been achieved.

You cannot live indefinitely with old, out- dated laws.

Co o c artg a bouw: Centre Georges Pom- pidou, dosed Tuesdays. Mr Nikolai Ryzhkov, -who heads a 8523g economic unit set up in the all powerful Secre- tariat of the CjLitrgl Committee, told an election meeting to he Supreme Sovie in Novosibirsk in Siberia that production had gone up, with no Increase in dcd number of workers in these enterprises. The FT Industrial Ordinary index closed 2. The data needed to control machinery fa distributed through a machine interlace device MID at each work centre.

This is why the mass and the demon- strative funeral made all the greater an impression on me — this is the pain of losing some- one very near. Where more generous tempi should have allowed her extravagant and fine-boned line to open out, and the dance to breathe, I saw phrases hustled, poses with hardly lime to flower to their full beauty’.

And progress will depend not only a drop iron; Mr Icahn, who has been accused of planning to liquidate Phillips Pe- troleum if his hostile drc succeeds, went 823b some lengths -yesterday to placate his critics. Yet the Dale Electric division actually held its profits fairly much intact.


Under Sig Prodvtoe old mat tat0 lt the end it Wat sold agement vms cleared out, and a for Li3bn,part ot-It. Six million people are currently estimated to be at risk — thousands of children are dying every day. Each of the other composers is just past Companies are criti- 852b3 for giving early leavers a poor deal but why should they be expected to provide even indirect support for employees who left 20 years ago? Few, Italians hold shares and.

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Rufen Sie die Abonnenten- Abteflung an. The others accepted the risks ahead. Watchmakers tick off their accounts.

The company knows the factors which affect the pro- cess but how they work together varies with every kiln.


Yet the recovery of Finsider to not matched by a tumround in any of IRTs other heavy industry sectors. People who use London’s money, securities, forex, futures, commodities and insurance markets daily.

We most-make six towns around Stoke-on-Trent in sure that we have the necessary central England- which are famous pmritifitifln capacity tn maintain the for their pottery products.

Ur Burns is full of praise for the co-operation shown by the unions and the workforce in cutting through the demarcation lines which for generations have bedevilled shipbuilding.