In Mandriva cooker doesn’t work, its seems a alsa bug? Same applies for me. Dario Freddi drf wrote on Add it to the bottom of the blacklist file. Download full text 8.

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Ubuntu on my Dell Latitude D630

Output of amixer 3. To have iwlwifi you need a recent kernel, with iwlwifi, and after just install firmware-iwlwifi.

Dell VostroUbuntu Fiesty, kernel v. The interesting thing in relation to the Audio device: After upgrading to Hardy sound died for my AD card.

Compiz cube, wireless and sound out of the box. ALSA-information of machine Edit The volume control applet did not show that the main speaker volume was muted. Invitation to connect on LinkedIn. Output of uname -a 1.

Ubuntu on my Dell Latitude D

Next, I plugged in one set of headphones. To put it simple: My laptop does not have an external line-in port though perhaps the chipset supports it?


The laptop del not boot from extern cd-rom anymore – wird stuff. I think this should be fixed right away since I use a package distro and don’t tend to mess up my system with installing from source.

After a few more updates today kernel included, being the same version which I thought was a little odd.? Suprisingly, the LED volume controls also ALL work — there is a “mute” control, a volume down control, a volume up control, and a volume “slider”. Alan Downing alasseo wrote on So I also tried the way to download the last driver, e.

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No sound at all in HH alpha 2. I also just installed ubuntu- 7. I confirm that this bug still exists in 2. I got a rev3.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. 8280h1 there, you can test the different options. The fully-opened volume applet shows four devices: Unable to reserve mem region 1: I have been using gutsy since tribe 1.


Or you can download Fedora 8 live version to check it out on your hardware. This bug affects 4 people. Having this card on an Asus w7s with Kubuntu Gusty 2.

Overall Status

Intel [HDA Intel], device 6: For 3D rendering you can eiter use the Nouveau xserver-xorg-video-nouveau or the nVidia nvidia-glx driver. I haven’t tested the mic yet. If you have del, sound and you have a regular sound card type “lsmod grep snd” in the terminal and see if there is more than one card listed. Installed linux will not boot. Looks like it might be fixed in the HG developers -tree.