Nevertheless, web pages and movies look rather good on this screen and meet our expectations. Considering the price the viewing angles are fairly good too. So, this cheap Dell laptop is better than the more professional HP Compaq b in this aspect. My Products and Services. Get Connected — Your Way. Review Dell Vostro A

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If the computer was used in a hot environment without air-conditioning, it can get seriously inconvenient. The important advantage of the Vostro A is its matte screen.

At a Glance The Dell Vostro A has the right balance of reliable technology, features, and support to take your business mobile — without breaking your budget. Purchasing a Dell Vostro laptop can be fast and convenient. If you look closer, you’ll realize that the used materials are of the same quality than of other notebooks of the same price category.

If you are looking for a budget laptop with a good non-reflecting screen, you have found one. Nevertheless, web pages and movies look rather good on this screen and meet our expectations. Once you start using the keyboard, you’ll notice that it seriously flexes and that the tapping of the keys is rather loud and unpleasant.


Two USB ports next to each other are not ideal. Please share our article, every link counts!

In regards of colour representation the A could also convince. Employee and Student Discounts. While these should give this laptop a more elegant look, they are also very sensitive to fingerprints.

On the contrary the mouse buttons are quite good, especially if you consider the price of the notebook. This makes working with an external mouse difficult for right-handers.

Reliable and Worry-Free Designed for z860 mobile office computing, the Vostro A laptop is ready to help you take on the rigors of your business day and keep you looking professional. Please, switch off ad blockers. An Intel GMA Xan integrated solution without dedicated graphics memory, is responsible for graphics processing. Once you’ve found the Vostro system to meet your needs, setup is quick The sharp edges of the keys are not convenient.

Dell Vostro A at Ciao. The keyboard flexes clearlyso that the tapping is rather loud.

Vostro A860 Laptop Details

If you lift this laptop and carry it around you’ll realize that the DVD drive on the right is not mounted tightly. The glossy lead needs a lot of cleaning. The Vostro A is one alptop the Dell’s budget notebooks. Stay productive and focused on your business in the office, on the road or vostri home. The input devices are also not really good. Furthermore, the default settings are inappropriate — the pointer moves slowly and with very little precision.


The same is true under load. During the test one of our testers even wondered, whether the design of this notebook won’t backfire, because it could tarnish Dell’s reputation.

Dell Vostro A [Laptop Specifications Central]

The hinges work properly, nevertheless they can not completely prevent a seesaw after adjusting the opening angle. While the later are sufficient for occasional gaming, the X only suffices older, non-demanding games.

The Pentium DC T has a clock rate of 1. Furthermore, we felt nearly uncomfortable with a keyboard sagging that much. Get Connected — Your Way. Considering the price tag of this Dell laptop, the quality of the screen is simply outstanding.

But the laltop is the keyboard, which flexes very much.