Modded ati this Thread Advanced Search. However, the number of games currently supported is limited to only two games. Radiopassive , Dec 28, Fixed dual card customization bug. Plug2k , Jul 14, Pissa , Feb 4, Some Metro apps like Asphalt 8, Youtube apps, and others applications have two versions.

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I disagree with the people who defend AMD without having a legacy card but. The apu’s gpu is strong enough to play light games.

My only comment on this program would be to change its name: EspionageFeb 5, In other words the gigantic company which we payed not a little for their products made from sand and a few metals is unable to provide their customers with basic support, i. Added application update feature. No, create an account now. Bringing moded modded driver craze was good until people gave up. Ill do modded ati test to reconfirm.

[HELP] HD3300 & VC-1 bluray

Recently a friend of mine gave me The Matrix Trilogy blurays. Couldn’t register with the same user name, so I guess it’s rellon the database. Yes I know HD is really old, but it plays AVC bluray without any problem, my consideration is that it should be simply a driver related problem, but I was unable to find a solution. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.


Introducing FLEM – The Legacy Modder for legacy DirectX 9 and 10 cards. | guru3D Forums

AmiloManJul 14, If not, then a system that checks redirects the user to install pepper flash for optimal performance Ps, p Videos only support Software Acceleration with the current version of Pepper Flash.

Hmm, that seems a bit troubling. Integrated into the Latest Driver. PhotoGuard is a vault to secure your private modded ati and videos October 1, Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Company of Heroes 2 Support Level: Users with a Low End dual core Processor will be able to play videos at p or lower when attempting to play a videos in Windowed mode.

That is something to remember during my next card purchase. Games Currently Supported Title: I don’t think I was wrong to use “CL Accept the Message box then right click on any of the items.

Extended logging for better support. Can anyone fill me in on just what the hell is going on?


ATI Catalyst Beta 11 Modded driver For Legacy GPU | guru3D Forums

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Your name or email address: Modded ati this Thread Advanced Search. EspionageFeb 11, KrteqJul 14, The guide I refer is Bluray – ArchWiki on archlinux. Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility.

Hi Espionage, I follow your guide and everything went perfectly, thanks! The hardware decoding back in the 3 series-era was moddec and a bit flaky. Do not turn this into a thread badgering AMD!