Joel – February 14th, The up-to-date detail includes U. This unit has a lot of potential think graphing calculator vs basic calculator , but not everyone needs it all. Delorme sends me a new unit, so off to costa rica fishing two days in, no power!!!! Ryan, You should call DeLorme with that question. With the new dual processor design, one processor is dedicated to graphics map drawing while the other is dedicated to the GPS chip and device operation.

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DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 User Manual: The Device Setup Page

Also, the free base maps with the Delorme are better than with the Garmin. Make sure to connect the dots to get the area.

I did put delorms NiMH re-chargables in it, and they last longer, but it appears they still need to be removed to be charged.

It can also be ordered from DeLorme, at www. Unfortunately Garmin products also have quality issues. I just bought the PN and tried to view a couple of devicw and waypoints that I did using Windows file explore. I have a 16 Gb card. In the field, users will discover lightning-quick satellite acquisition, thanks to the high-sensitivity channel Cartesio chipset. However, I am clueless about geocahing. I called tech service at DeLorme and they sent me a new unit.


DeLorme PN GPS Review

I hit ok then it works fine. One simple solution would be to have the screen turn off after an adjustable time period, and add a button to quickly toggle to screen on and off. Tim – November 9th, Availability The PN will be available dwlorme in July at retail stores and online sites specializing in GPS, outdoor recreation, and electronics products.

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DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 Handheld

The graphics have a hard time keeping up and sometimes get stuck. The PN40, while probably being a little more versatile overall, ships with only a very general, non-detailed base map. Ruzicka – July 17th, Clean them with an eraser and see if that helps. You can now download Canadian scanned topo maps. You can improve that to about 5 meters with WAAS. There are lots dveice real PN40 gurus that hang out there.

At first I thought many of the user interface elements were illogical, but the more time you spend with the software the more you understand how those elements make it very flexible and powerful. You can also set one up in the field on the unit.

Assuming user has 32gig SD card, what benefit is gained by the 40SE having the larger 7. I will be using it for hunting purposes in the Rocky Mtns. In addition those maps contain routable roads.


The Device Setup Page – Delorme Earthmate PN User Manual [Page 70]

If it is a Delorme unit, go to the Delorem Forums and post your question there. When I sent the unit in, I also said it was hard on batteries and asked that to be corrected if possible. Through Menu, changed battery type to Lithium. So I end deelorme having to keep my important tracks in the active slot until I download them. However, I only turn it on once in a while to check my location, and in doing that I had one set of AA batteries last dwvice a week of elk hunting last year.

Each battery has a unique magnetic field. That is, if you live in the U. I took waypoints at each corner of my house which is indeed a rectangle but one side was shown as about 15 feet longer than the opposite, parallel side. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Can anyone tell me if each of the points saved in a track has a time stamp associated with it?