Directories that contains information about TTY interfaces. If you click the link, a page appears with help for this parameter. The current month number. Turns guard tone off default. TTY does not try to preserve the protocol data unit boundaries streaming.

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The information contained in the report originates from the management interface of the Diva Media Boards. After being started, the DIDD divadidd.

Dialogic® Diva® Media Boards and Dialogic® Blue(TM) Telephony Boards

The CAPI driver management interface is accessible via logical board numberi. The Diva Media Board’s RISC CPU is used to re-compress 1D-coded page data from the application to the format requested by the opposite side transmission and to convert received data to 1D-coded page data that is sent to the application reception.

A single byte frame 0x28 indicates or issues an empty frame diqlogic V.

Divs process is hidden from the application and can be used for compatibility with applications that cannot provide the required TTY-interface initialization. Ignores the incoming calls default. If the peer does not send an ACCM with its configuration request, a null ACCM added to such a request by default, to prevent the overhead of escaping every control character.


There are three allowable formats for the syntax of this command:. Should be set to zero. See AT-command set for more information on these commands. Disconnect in case of failure. To open the softIP configuration when used as standalone product, you need djva click the highlighted name of the softIP line to configure. Normally, they are started in kernel mode.

If updating via the management interface is not possible, for example, the board is not running or the configuration parameter is not supported by the management interface, the Diva WEB Configuration Wizard prompts you to restart the board.

This option allows you to create scripts that provide tests for multiple calls dialogiv different protocols.

Dialogic Diva Bri-2 V2 Media Board Pci-express

Hides the “total pages” information field in the fax message. The logical board number to be traced. Number of received bytes.

Do not detach pciw the controlling terminal. Sometimes the Service Indicator and Additional Service Indicator are not flexible enough to indicate the necessary information in bearer capabilities BC and low-layer compatibility LLC that the cpie wants to provide for an outgoing call.

Force synchronous conversation PPP. Finally, you can download the report file as compressed archive. The current month number. Incoming calls are indicated by a RING and accepted automatically. See Management interface access and monitoring utility for more information on the mantool.


Suggested value is seconds. Each directory and variable is identified by its path and name. Hides the “headline” information field in the fax messages.

Dialogic Diva BRI-2 PCIe V2 and FAXmaker 12?

Number of calls refused because destination was out of order. Note that this is different from the similar named “divalogd” accounting utility. The Diva Trace Wizard will inform you about the location of the trace file.

It also allows you to turn on events and receive notifications from these events when the corresponding state of the variable changes. There are two types of licences: For incoming calls, you can use autodetection of the B-channel protocol.

Default value is “- o”.

The user application [a] to be executed if the state of layer 1 or layer 2 changes.