T he Engine implementation m ay choose the range and granularit y. V alid values are. Steps 3 and 4 can be done bef ore steps 1 and 2; howe v er , during clean-up , you should alway s terminate. The lower the value. Repeat step 3 until the Succ ess message appears. Constructor Description Credential Public Initialize as a null empty credential.

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To deploy the DP library for Citrix support: Initializes Capture for capturing off a specified reader in normal priority. Some common representations of probability are listed in.

OneTouchforWindowsSDKC C++ One Touch For Windows SDK C Developer Guide

Prepar es the fingerprint image obtaine d from the finger print re ader for dis play. A fingerprint is an impression of the ridges on the skin of a finger. If your application will also be work ing with P ro W orkstat ion 4. DigitalPersona Finger print Recognition Engine Italics Used for emphasis or to introduce new terms If digutalpersona are viewing this document online, clicking underlined text in italics may also activate a hypertext link to other areas in this guide or to URLs.


Internal An unknown internal error occurred.

DigitalPersona Pro SDK .NETEdition Developer Guide

NET control providing fingerprint verification. Citrix servernot on the client. NotInitialized Some Engine components are missing or inaccessible.

F ingerprint Enro llment. Multiple subscribers with this priorit y ar e. The following types of Citrix digitalpersons are supported: T hese fingerprints will almost surely be. Increasi ng the probability tosay0.

The merge modules, and the files that they c ontain, are listed belo w alphabetically. The Fingerprint Deleted message appears. No secret to delete.

A storage medium where fingerprint templates are. Y ou may also use the merge modules located in the Redist folder in. T ype of fingerprint sample need ed.

The RTE files and folders, which are described in Table 2 on page 13 digifalpersona the bit installation and in Table 3 on page 15 for digitalperdona bit installation, are not installed as part of the SDK install, but must be installed separately. Credential Public Initialize the credential with a specified value. The actual value of the F AR achieved f or a partic ular verification opera tion is returned in the achieved Far.

When the Local BAS is ready to dispatch the results of the fingerprint scan, it processes operations using the following hierarchy: The Fingerprint En rollment dialog box appears. TooNoisy The fingerprint sample is too noisy. If you ar e developing a Ci trix-awar e application, see a dditional info rmation in the. Enumeration User name type, defaults to SamCompatible in most cases.



The wParam of the. Feedback Although the information in this guide has been thoroughly reviewed and tested, we welcome your feedback on any errors, omissions, or suggestions for future improvements.

Install the Soft ware. Quick Concepts The following definitions will assist you in understanding the purpose and functionality of the sample applications that are described in this section. Right index finger 2 L eft index fing er 7. See Redistribution on page 86 for licensing terms.