I found the control layout comfortable and quick to learn without much more than a quick look at the instruction manual. The slightly expanded White Balance menu option offers three fluorescent settings and a flash setting for better color balance under a wider range of artificial lighting. Optical System Image Stabilizer. Though real estate is limited on the rear panel, Sony managed to keep all the main functions close at hand and fairly easy to operate. Some of the buttons follow the usual Sony tradition of being on the small side, but overall the user interface is cleanly designed and intuitive to use.

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In the same series of shots, I also compared the image in normal Program mode with Steady Shot turned ds, and then activated Steady Shot. With an all-silver aluminium alloy body, it’s slightly heavier than it might look at first glance, and it’s also exceedingly well built.

All values are expressed in seconds.

The new Retouch menu contains six creative effects of varying usefulness, including red-eye reduction which can be applied after a photo is taken. We’ve been impressed with Sony’s Smart Zoom and Precision Digital Zoom operation in the past, as both attempt to reduce the loss of resolution and image quality that’s inherent in digital zooms. dcs

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W200 12.1MP Digital Camera – Silver

Dominating the rear panel is the big and bright 2. Anyone already familiar with Sony digital cameras will remember the standard menu lineup along the bottom of the screen.

Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera. The display is clear and bright, and an exceptional tool for framing images. Zoom control felt pretty vsc compared to some, though it didn’t immediately respond when I let up on the control. This camera utilizes built-in Super SteadyShot stabilization to assist ssc taking sharper pictures.


In summary the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W is a fairly standard-looking compact camera with a number of interesting features that doesn’t quite live up to its full potential in terms of design and ease-of-use.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W Specs – CNET

The 18x Smart Digital Zoom is only available at the lowest resolution setting, as it is basically a crop from the center vsc the sensor. Though compact in size, the Sony W offers an excellent range of features, with full automatic exposure control and preset scene modes for novices, as well as the bonus of a full manual exposure control mode for more experienced s200.

I found the control layout comfortable and quick to learn without much more than a quick look at the instruction manual.

The notched Mode dial was easy to turn without going too far, as it clicked firmly in place with each setting. How to dcs a camera back to original factory settings. Now find out if it takes good photos by looking at Image Quality page.

In Extra High Sensitivity mode, the Sony W will crank the ISO as high as 6, if necessary, but be prepared for a significant boost in image noise and 2w00 of color saturation. The start-up time from turning the camera on to being ready to take a photo is quite quick at 1. If you forget to use the Red-Eye Reduction flash mode, you can always remove red-eye afterwards through the Playback menu.

Face Detection can only be enabled in the Soft Snap preset mode, and appears as an option in the Shooting menu. January 28th Author: Navigate Review Jump to review page Page 3 Sample Images. Select a language English Spanish.


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W MP Digital Camera – Silver | eBay

I could also comfortably make menu changes, operate the zoom, and change modes one-handed, despite the tiny size of the sculpted finger grip on the front panel. While not as tiny as models in Sony’s T-series, the Sony Cyber-shot W is still quite small and pocket-friendly, and boasts an impressive My only issue with the Home button is that it did take me a while to remember exactly which settings were accessible there, and which could only be accessed within the mode itself.

It allows faster access to the camera’s main setup menus, rather than fishing through the record menus to the Setup option. Imaging Resource rating 2w00. The camera displays an EV read-out at the bottom of the LCD screen to indicate dscc it thinks the scene will be under or over exposed, based on the settings that you have chosen.

Most other cameras allow you to turn it on of off in the majority of shooting modes. In our Still Life test shot, the red tones practically jump out of the image.

Unfortunately Sony have chosen to cut costs and supply the full manual as a PDF on the product CD, rather than in printed format. Resolution is exceptional, and detail is quite strong at normal focal lengths. The effect was more muted at telephoto, however.