Was this the correct fix? No registered users and 4 guests. Could this be a physical fault? I tried installing the 2nd PCI card in the same computer but the computer kept hanging. But one puzzle remains. Look or listen a little closer and shorting cold to ground has no effect on the volume of the speech.

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Some interfaces can, others can’t the manual doesn’t say. Thanks for all of your suggestions guys.

ECHO Layla 3g 8 Channel PCI Audio Interface

Layla has been my trusty companion for 10 years of audio projects, but recently she developed an unpleasant and annoying habit that took us both on an interesting adventure. However, when I fire up Cubase 6.

Do you see any digital inputs? No registered users and 4 guests.

Shorting the hot side to ground has zero effect on the volume of the noise. But one puzzle remains. So, Layla lives on. But what we can deduce from this is that the noise is ecgo present on the cold side. That may get you those other channels in Cubase. Same resistor, same mode of failure. I don’t see the extra device ins and outs in there at all.


Echo Audio Layla 3G review | MusicRadar

I have connected both devices using an ADAT cable. I’m thinking I might have to see if Echo tech support will deal with me. Well that was a bit of a lyla goose chase. The hiss is gone and the audio is impeccable. Many thanks to the following people for their help and advice on this repair: I also have them connected with a BNC wordclock cable.

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Something more sinister was going on, and the folks at Echo kindly helped out by providing a schematic. So when I began working on Cleanfeed a few years back, Layla started to get used for mic input more than line input.

Am I missing something really obvious here? Look or listen a little closer and shorting cold to ground has no effect on the volume of the speech.

Echo Layla 3g For Sale in Blackrock, Dublin from glencullen

One of these must be the source of the noise. I’ll let you know how I get on with Echo.


The problem arises when i fire up Cubase. Not sure though ‘cos I bought both devices second hand. Thanks for your helpful advice.

Could this be a physical fault? Now the challenge of a permanant fix. Very new to this. I’ve used my Echo Layla 3G with Cubase without any major heartache.

Yeah, I was afraid laayla that. The thing is, I can see the additional ins and outs from the playback and recording devices in Windows. A replacement needed perhaps? Not sure what you mean here.