I also have another cpu 1. So enjoy your shit! Thank you for your patience, I will bring updates during the week. What do you think of it? It would be cool to use the FM tuner.

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You can put 1gb in total just for sport With that in mind, what graphics card should I choose? Google [Bot] and 2 p4vsasd. Those have been some factors that made me think about de MSI board, but it will be hard to have some time to recap it before the world ends The ram I don’t remember what speed it was running, but I may check that out during the weekend.

My builds, parts and doubts Users browsing this forum: Here are both, AMD on top, P4 on the bottom: I also have another cpu 1. Were you able to get the DDR to actually run at that speed? Now for the third system It would be cool to use the FM tuner.


ECS P4VXASD ATX Motherboard Intel socket 423 PCI AGP CNR USB 2x DDR RAM 2x SD RAM

The 3 possibilities are 95, 98SE or NT. For now, my current desktop which is running Windows XP as for some reason is not coping well with windows 7, and later windows just don’t install and was built in I have some parts, and my doubt is around the OS and the graphics card. Now for my Windows 98 system: This site hosts no abandonware.

If I install 98SE, the P4 may be upgraded to windows Retro hardware is like a drug What do you think? For me is almost a must a proper OS convivence I’ve had one or two crashes, and sometimes it decides not to detect the scs card.

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Board index All times are UTC. Is it any good?

Worth it for the “rdram thing”? Probably a pair of seagate 40GB, gives me a lot of space. The only problem with this is that the MSI has some bulging capacitors so it won’t be used without being recapped.


ECS P4VXASD Free Driver Download (Official) () –

Fetched of a P3 system, so newer than this. What I have available for it: This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. TNTs is too new for this, I think. Mine seems really unstable and finicky but I can’t figure out if it’s normal for the board or not. What do you think of it?

Besides that, the rear usb ports sometimes don’t work. I’m thinking of building a third one, as i shall explain later. Thank you for your patience, I will bring updates during the week.

All your Video cards have good DOS compatibility and 3. The card powers up and the LED is on, but not much else.