Copy the log starting from the empty lines from step 4 to the end of the output. Also the module snd-usb-audio loads fine. To return things back to normal, run systemctl –user unmask pulseaudio. Just want it for 44 and 48 Khz rates. Only with PulseAudio server I can get my external device to work temporarily. Disable automatic starting of PulseAudio:

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For a complete listing of downloads, 02202 can manually search our database. Also I’m not sure but I think this problem is the same that has been described and solved by a patch here: Enabled ” I’ve already tried a few things without result.

Here are the options I have in the bios: Email me about limux to this bug report. Note that this release does not support OSX Leopard or earlier. Start pulseaudio in a terminal with verbose logging: Can you try with the latest Ubuntu release?


[ubuntu] EMU USB behavior

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The empty lines mark the beginning of the interesting part. I’ve tested it all day on Intrepid without problem. The product you have selected has been classified as ‘End of Service Life’.

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Log here only journalctl, failed to capture pulseaudio – https: Only with PulseAudio server I can get my external device to work temporarily. The weird thing is my sound card works perfectly fine with the live cd of Fedora 9 which also uses alsa-driver 1. There’s just no working ALSA driver for this soundcard at this moment.

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Bug # “E-MU USB sound card doesn’t work properly” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

Daniel T Chen crimsun wrote on I can only use 48kHz bandwidth under the new installation emu linux Ubuntu. Side effect of this is that audio volume level in Gnome does not affect volume of the card, for whatever reason. We were wondering if this is still an issue for you. When I mess around with different rates it gets robotic or just noise.


To me this seems quite clearly a kernel bug, and I don’t think I have much more to contribute here. My hardware works fine on Windows. Can yoz explain how yoz managed to get alsa settings properly.