Compatible Epson T Black Ink. Transparencies, plain paper, photo paper, semi-gloss photo paper, glossy photo paper, glossy photo film, heavy-weight matte paper. Get help on Live Chat. Make sure the printer is on but not printing. Wait until you see the Add New Hardware Wizard.

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Read the license agreement, click Agree, then continue with the Options Menu to continue the installation.

Click Start, and select Programs or Epsobstylus Programs. Just click the Buy Now button to launch your web browser. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

EPSON Support: EPSON Stylus C62 – Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start, make sure your printer is set up, connected to your computer, and turned on. Optionally, double-click the Film Factory Installer icon and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. Maintenance Button If your printouts are unexpectedly light, or dots or lines are missing from the image, you may need to clean the print head.

You see a window showing ink levels. You can also turn the printer off and wait overnight – this allows any dried ink to soften-and then try cleaning the print head again.


Epson Software Film Factory Online: To ensure that the images your Epson Color printer produces are as close as possible to the images displayed on your monitor you should do the following:. If you move epsondtylus printer some distance, you need to prepare it for transportation in its original box or one of a similar size.

Follow the steps below to replace an ink cartridge: By using the default print settings, epssonstylus achieve both excellent image quality and faster print speeds.

Epson Stylus C62 Ink Cartridges

Headphones by David Carnoy Dec 17, What is the correct way to load transparency paper? Return to the index Printer Driver Questions Q: Can I use sheet labels with this printer? Which ink cartridges should I use with this printer? Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. I installed the printer driver on my Macintosh, but it isn’t showing up in the Chooser.

Epson Stylus C62 Ink Cartridges |

Increase the image resolution using your image-editing software, or decrease the size of the image. Right-click the printer icon on your taskbar in the lower right corner of your screen. Remove any epsonsgylus from the printer and remove the paper support.


However, third party software manufacturers may be in the process of developing Postscript solutions. This is available only when your printer is connected directly to your computer, not over a network. Continue with step 5.

Follow these steps to install the printer driver and software: Delivers high-quality text printing. Click OK when you see a message that setup is complete. For the best results, create your original print files in the RGB color space.

The printer sounds like it is printing, but no ink is on the paper. Unwrap the new ink cartridge, being careful not to touch the green chip on the back of the cartridge, then remove ONLY the yellow tape seal from the top of the cartridge. Return to the index Macintosh Questions Q: Adobe PhotoShop not included includes a basic monitor calibrator to do this; it is the Adobe Gamma epsosntylus.