I have plenty of parts of the , Also I found that the 1st transfer roller is compatible as well. When these machines are clean they work well. I really appreciate the comment. I does the same in print or Copy. I’m looking for parts for Toshiba e-studio C.

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And I found this information from one of our suppliers, the devolper of the 3351c compatible with the C. This may help you especially with the lighter lines I see in the image. The second transfer roller was deformed caused by constant pressure in one place for long time. When I hit estusio customer office and turn the machine on the machine didn’t gave any message, but I check the Counter onand counter inI didn’t clean the laser lenses.

I already replace the 2nd transfer roller.

Hello jcontractor, I was working on a c, similiar machine, I change the belt and drum, but it had the same problem, so I change the transfer roller that is in the transfer belt unit, and that fix the problem. One thing to consider is you will not get great color copies on this machine period.


Passable on photographs but not spectacular by any means.

Hi, Here is a print out from a Toshiba Estudio C. I really appreciate the comment. I have those parts spare but I need some advice before proceed.

Please advice, thanks in advence. Take apart the TBU.

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Thanks, also I clean the Laser unit and It’s printing better. But right now I don’t have the cleaning blade on hand and I was stocked, but I have the transfer roller, now I have an a clear idea eestudio I will proceed.

People have already asked if you have cleaned certain parts. I replaced and the image get esyudio big time, but it continue with image quality issues. This problem doesn’t belong to scanner. I didn’t touch the TBU.

I clean all the laser system, it goes better. I clean all fuser and inspect transfer belt, but I don’t change the first transfer roller at Transfer Belt Unit.

Toshiba estudio 351c Supplies

Second, this machine have a total counter of 87, copies. I never expect the same in this big machine. The blade will not fit a c tr unit. CQ Toshiba Estudio C. How many are colour and how moany are black? Would you be pleased to check my post here: The drum x4 when doing colour extudio instance.


Well, it is produced by reset the bias in the machine? Can anybody help me?

Toshiba eStudio c Full Specification – Opus Digital

I’m looking for parts for Toshiba e-studio C. Mr Spock,please really i need your help. I have an Imagistic machines TBU kit with cleaning blade and transfer roller. Not very clear instructions, but it is pretty obvious I think. Voltages goes to default conditions?