What types of ports are available on Tattoo? Which operating systems are supported by Tattoo? How can I launch a cleaning cycle? Such cards contain a thermochromatic material that turns visible, or vanishes, according to the applied temperature. Recommended ID Printer Ribbons. For card transport rollers. With the DCL driver, magnetic encoding requires no adjustment, except for the level of coercitivity.

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This issue may be from a dirty print head or faulty print head. This information applies to magnetic cards provided by Evolis but does not hold good for all manufacturers. What type of magnetic data can be encoded? Complete ID Card Systems. The driver also broadcasts internal notification and information from the printer.

Technical Support Our team is able to assist you 7: Such cards contain a thermochromatic material that turns visible, or vanishes, according to the applied temperature.

Evolis Tattoo RW Card Printer – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

Using generic ribbons with an Evolis printer will expose you to printing problems, plus, the warranty will be null and void. Has the printing job been correctly sent to the printer? How do I clean the print head?


Evolis UltraClean Kit A for complete cleaning of the printer. The Evolis Tattoo 2 is a multi-feature printer that prints texts, logos and barcodes in less than a minute, in color or monochrome, and can also encode magnetic stripes. Recommended ID Printer Ribbons.

This power supply is not compatible with the other Evolis card printers. Join our mailing list and stay up-to-date on new offers, sales and promotions: What are the colors available for monochrome printing? Which encoding options are available for Tattoo?

Evolis Tattoo 2 Card Printer – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

Optional extended warranty and printer loaner plans ID Wholesaler’s extended warranty plans include toll-free technical support, live chat support, total parts and labor replacement, and fast turn-around on printer repairs. What are the dimensions of cards compatible with the tato2 Intuitive user-interface With the Evolis Tattoo 2 ID card printer, you can have your card printing application up and running in just a few clicks.

The coercivity has to be set in the driver before any taoto2 encoding is carried out. For encoding, compatibility with an Evolis printer is a matter of software design. ID Card Printer Ribbons.


Use the Tattoo 2 plastic card printer’s card capacity card feeder for your larger jobs and its single card feed mode for on-demand delivery. ID Card Printer Ribbons. Due to the presence of INFRARED sensors which are used for the cards synchronization, the transparent or translucent card cannot be used correctly with the Evolis printers.


The Evolis Tattoo is the ideal solution for printing plastic cards in small runs. Additional card card feeder Extended warranties through ID Wholesaler, including options to add printer loaner coverage to standard warranty. Single-sided printer ideal for low-volume card printing applications Special features: Our Company About Barcodes, Inc.

Highlights Includes a free 6-month subscription to CloudBadging: See the Evolis development kit for more details.

Does Evolis printers support print head from other models? It is mainly used to directly manage the resource and is provided by Evolis for exclusive evoliis with its printers.

Add ID Software Options: Contact our support team. Eco-responsibility Evolis’ environmental policy at all levels of the company.