It was a reasonable compromise and a reasonably good wheel, but it just didn’t compare to the high-end stuff supported by that other great console racing series: The company has the subtitle “The Brainfactory”. The Rennsport Stand that everything mounts to is quite sturdy and heavy, making up the majority of that lb bulk. But for now consumers should be very pleased to have these two outstanding products to choose from. However, if you’re buying this exclusively for use with Forza , we’re still not sold. With the pedal arm adjusted to take the slack and rotation out of the pedal, metering out brake pressure in the game is accomplished in a very realistic manner. The Xbox One’s original indie game is finally here.

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Double click on above image to view full picture. After connecting everything correct, the wheel is seen as above mentioned Logitech model.

Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S review

It took a little fiddling to get everything oriented properly but, once there, it felt great. As it swings from side to side it barely makes a sound, its motorized internals impressively quiet and, as far as we can tell, offering no dead zone in the middle. You dont have to uninstall the fanatec driver if do the following: Overview Features Cars Tracks.

The G27 is a fine product, but the laser-crisp, silent, butter-smooth feel and car-like response of the Fanatec PWTS, combined with its wider diameter and fatter wheel rim, push it out front by a nose.

That’s partly because because the wheel is actually bolted to the frame of the thing; good for those who tend to get a little over-eager with their steering, a little less-so for anyone who doesn’t want to use the stand all the time.

I can only rely on the first-hand experiences of the staff, rather than anecdotal input from third parties.


Fanatec Porsche Turbo Wheel for Xbox review

Once we got a replacement we got on with the evaluation and initial impressions were generally good. If I select one of the Fanatec wheels it wont work at all and to make maters worse you cant exit to the menu as no buttons or keys work and I need to close the whole game.

With seven categories of comparison, each product scored three wins and a tie: The wheel was sturdily attached, the pedals didn’t slide away under hard braking, and almost everything was perfect — and we can’t fault the stand for the “almost. The hefty Fanatec Clubsport pedals look like real racing hardware and are clearly superior in range of options, gamer tweak-ability and load-cell braking precision. Managed to get it working.

Side-by-Side Racing: Logitech G27 vs. the Fanatec’s Porsche Turbo S Review | SimHQ

An optional RF receiver enables wireless communication with the PS3 and PC, too, and interestingly the pedals can also be used wirelessly if some batteries are slotted in, resulting in a far neater setup than the Cthulhu-like G27 and its nightmare-inducing tangle of cables. Attachable lap wings and the attachment of the gear sticks to 91 wheel allow comfortable game play in the living room without the use of a table Illuminated button symbols switch automatically between PC and Playstation Powerful Mabuchi RS Motor as used in RC cars delivers extra strong ForceFeedback effects Additional 2 Force Feedback actuators in the wheel simulate motor vibrations Extra smooth and silent belt drive without mechanical dead zone High resolution wheel sensor TUNING functions with LED display Saves up to 5 wheel set-ups Adjust ForceFeedback strength during game play Adjust sensitivity porschd from the game.

The Turbos S is sold both with pedals and without.

With the feedback effects turned to the max the game delivers a strong centering spring but minimal rumble strip effects half the time when you hit them you get none and hitting the wall results in only a very slight twist. As much as some might expect this to be a blowout in favor of 9111 smooth, belt-driven PWTS, both fantec offer faanatec feeling of extremely precise steering and robust array of feedback effects.


This site uses cookies for analytics and personalized content. Offering two shifters with a high-end racing controller is something Logitech could learn from its rival. With no obvious winner, the choice will come down to your own individual preferences and values.

Read the review to find out. But, since it all folds up easily enough, removal shouldn’t be necessary.

d The Rennsport Stand itself performed admirably, offering plenty of adjustment to get it to the right height and angle. I own the DriveHub since the release this fall It was founded in and porschf in input devices for consoles like the Playstation and the PC.

JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. We received a note from the manufacturer rather belatedly indicating that both the wheels we received were pre-production units — despite their having been on sale for some time now and the second one coming in a full retail box.

Rise of Flight Ascending — Version 1. I don’t work for CollectiveMinds or ChronusMax. It’s an improvement over the standard controller for fanayec and we quickly started putting in fast lap times, but using it doesn’t give the intense experience of using the relatively highly-powered G25 or G27 in Gran Turismo 5.

I haven’t updated on the latest driver yet. The wheel connects to the Xbox wirelessly but vanatec of course still need to be plugged into the wall for power.