It will then ask you to confirm the reset. If Adobe Acrobat Reader is not installed on your computer, you may download and install it for free. The Geko line of GPS devices has gained popularity for their small size, ease of use and relatively feature-rich capabilities. This sturdy and waterproof satellite navigator features a barometric altimeter that keeps you informed about the precise altitude and changing weather. In other languages Add links.

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Also has great games to play to help you figure out all the features. Clear, high-contrast display makes it easy to read on a bike. Waypoints Travelled path Track Current scale. Retrieved from ” http: More committed users using the optional data cable to transfer the coordinates to their computers will probably not be affected by this very much.

Great product with many uses.

Pretty cheap and small. A barometrical altimeter is therefore more accurate, especially when summarizing elevation changes.

For these three modes, the Geko has enough memory for 38,miles respectively. Next waypoint Distance to waypoint Heading Direction to waypoint Current speed 1.

December 3, Edgy Original: 310 does not come with street or city maps loaded in like some GPS models, but all the necessary navigational tools are included to get you through the woods and back home again. View More Gift Guides. You may also like. You can select one of the following information: The barometric altimeter is unnecessary, as the satellite altimeters already work fine.


Garmin Geko 301 GPS device

Garmin GPS Though used works like new, a spare unit for me. If going out in the cold, NiMh battery terminal voltage seems to drop causing low battery indication. The compass direction from a position to a destination measured to the nearest degree; also called an azimuth. I put it on driver’s side then try to keep it aligned with center of road.

Garmin Geko GPS device | GearJunkie

In a GPS receiver, bearing usually refers to the direction to a gdko. The geko is a small, cheap unit that runs off two AAA batteries with maybe 12 hours of life. The feature I really like about this item is the computer screen where you can customize it with just about any feature you want.

I bought this GPS to use while I ride my bike in the mountains and gfko works great. It is also great for putting on the dash of your car because it has rubber on the bottom it doesn’t move around.


The electronic compass and the barometrical altimeter provide additional information for outdoor navigation. The trackback feature on the Geko lets you retrace your journey from the last point, which is a great help to outdoor enthusiasts like hikers, trekkers and cyclists.

It has a backlight and a 12 channel parallel receiver and can record tracks at a point per second. Small and light enough to attach to car roof with blu-tack for best possible satellite lock and accuracy. If all goes well, you’ll see the “accuracy: I played with the device for a half-hour before looking at the manual and had the basics figured out.

This results in a much smaller, but more accurate and usable tracklog.

TRAMsoft – GARMIN Geko (english)

A father of five, Regenold and his wife live in Minneapolis. Accuracy of current position information Current position of the satellites in gekk sky Strength of satellites’ signals Number of the visible satellites. Adhesive base for dashboard mounting kit to use it in a second vehicle.