Mitra 2 and H. From the authors own remarks it appears that the topic of gifts, which are to be made in different parts of the year, were dealt with in the first work, while the second work treated of the dedication of reservoirs and temples. But none of these versions has been able to reproduce the exquisite verbal melody and charm of the original. Majjhupagato kapiniddapareio supinam passati. It is therefore too fragile a reed on which to rest so important a theory.

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The question can be argued both ways and is incapable of being decided offhand on mere a priori considerations. Mss Library forp. A Ms of a Pandita-sarvasva is noticed in 4221 Cat. For, if as the Commentators explain, the word kaya was really intended to be interpreted in the sense of niamakiaya, where was the need of giving a separate, independ- ent paragraph with the hsaee varying words in the explanation of middha?

Your association with the Library of the India Office as its Librarian is one of the longest on record and it is gratifying to remember how by your genial temperament and cordial man- ners you hase furthered the cause of Indology during the tenure of that office for over a quarter of a century.

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As every such rite involves reci- tation haaee Vedic Mantras, their explanation Mantra-bh;asya forms the chief feature of the work. For, he is quoted as saying that he has pain in the back and that he would, therefore, like to stretch it. What is surprising however is the circumstance that Dr. Khotan, place and person names, etc.


Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society,pp. The argument is quite clear. The two names often occur in close proximity under verses consecutively quoted in Skm ; this would probably imply that a distinction was meant. Aufrecht mentions four other commentaries.

The Buddha, thereupon, told him the various methods to be used one after the other, to shake haese the middha or torpor that may overpower one. This is confirmed by Kumbha 14th century in his comment on Jayadeva i. Rather from the proved posteriority of the Padma to th hxsee Mahdbharata we can now say that in cosmographical texts the agreeing or disagreeing of a given text with the Pur anas is by itself of no chronological consequence.

If liquor had ever been defilement itself, it would have been so mentioned in the various passages like A iii. Door Maria Elisabeth Lulius van Goor, We have thus narration, description and speech tu interwoven with recitation and song, a combination which creates a type unknown in Sanskrit. Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy. Udyana and Urdi J.

Confining ourselves for the present to the post-Vedic Hindu cosmographi- cal documents, Dr.

VIII,pp. Tuxen, Poul, Yoga review The other admitted the fact.

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On these works see, Th. Smile Senart, Chandogya-Upanisad, Paris, But Pischel rightly observes, as against Lassen ed. Though cast in a semi-dramatic mould, the spirit is entirely lyrical ; though modelled hasef on the prototype of the popular Krspa-yatm in its choral and melo- dramatic peculiarities, it is yet far removed from the old Yatra by its want of improvisation and mimetic qualities ; though imbued with re- ligious feeling, the attitude is not entirely divorced from the secular ; though intended and still used for popular festival where simplicity and directness count, it yet possesses all the distinctive characteristics of a deliberate work of art.


What is the meaning of thfna-midd’ha? Teogonia, cosmogonia, fisica, psicolo- gia e medicina sono scienze che hanno trovato in India cultori insuperabili.

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See IC, i, pp. He also agrees pp.

Sarvatiata is not a proper name and may have belonged to any ruler, possibly the last ruler of the Kapva line. The remaining citations appear to be from the lexicographer Purusottama.

If the cosmography in certain parts appears to us to be far too mythical, we have to remember that in its own time it was implicitly believed in, and no author who set anything in store by his reputation for veracity would make wilful changes in the account as traditionally received.

Hilgenberg argues for the priority of the Padmapurana.