There may be a remote risk of electric shock from lightning. This lets you search the documentation. This lets you search the documentation More information. A rare phenomenon can create a voltage potential between the earth grounds of two or more buildings. Wired Routers Port

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This Paradyne wired router packs a number of features and provides a medium for Internet connection for business and office use. If you did not plug in a phone, install the white clamp around the LINE cable. The supplied ferrite clamps must be installed as instructed to ensure compliance with Part 15, FCC Rules. Click on Create New Rule. If you purchased this Router to share. See Modifying or Deleting an Existing Connection on page Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for ventilation.

It can incorporate communication and application specific context data which can be stored and updated dynamically. Other brands More information. You are now ready to enjoy the convenience.

It also serves as a way to verify your current settings. Two entry fields appear. Excessive RENs on a telephone line may result in the devices not ringing in response to an incoming call. In most but not all areas, the sum of RENs should not exceed five 5. No DSL link has been established.


This is the protocol used to connect to the Central Office. Notice to Service Providers Consult any associated release notes before upgrading firmware.

Zhone Hotwire 6381 Install Manual

If this happens, the Telephone Company will provide advance notice in order for you to make necessary modifications to maintain uninterrupted service. No Ethernet device is detected. Login This is the first screen that you encounter when you type the router’s IP address into the address line of your web browser.

This document contains implementation examples and techniques More information. The Modify PVC screen appears.

You need to know the protocol that needs to be used in order to access these servers, and also their LAN side and WAN side port numbers. Internet connection with NAT The Licensee shall not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Software in whole or in part.

Paradyne Hotwire / A

When the power cord is installed, the router goes through a power-on self-test. If you hktwire executed a separate written agreement covering the Software supplied to you under this purchase, such separate written agreement shall govern.


Close the clamp and lock it by pressing on the latch.

It describes how to configure your DGGT. Each on the same subnet requires a unique IP address if you wish to upgrade firmware or access it using the web interface.

Paradyne Hotwire 6381 Manuals

Introduction This guide will walk you through the DSL installation process and will help you configure a computer to access. You will now be able to surf the. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product. This guide More information.

To connect to a hub s standard port, use an Ethernet crossover cable. Due to the wired nature of this four-port router, Internet connections are assured and not prone to losses in coverage.