Hardware – Thumbscrew – Attaches panel to main logic Formatter board. The numbers following the error message indicate the specific type of error. Insert the accessory cartridge, clear any pending error conditions, then remove the cartridge. Invalid SIMM speed 7: Notice how the fuser assembly is fastened onto the door you just opened. Cable – Cable – From DC controller board to cassette size sensor board and front cover connect board. Press Continue to print the transferred data, then simplify your print job or install additional memory.

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Press Continue to clear the error message.

HP LaserJet 4MV C3142A Refurbished

Remove ONLY the five screws circled below–leave any other screws fastened to the fuser. You may have tried to transfer too many macros or soft fonts, or graphics that were too complex.

Power Device Voltage Required Margin. Press the Item button repeatedly until the desired font list selection is displayed. If the error message does not appear, the ph is in the SIMM board.

LaserJet 4v / 4Mv

Similar models of earlier HP laser printers had this feature, but it became less common with the later models. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Ensure the printer is Off Line when you remove or reinsert the cartridge. Failed RAM Test 4: Common Fixes of the LaserJet 4V and 4MV model can have accordion jam as well, caused either by a worn roller or broken tooth on the gear at the fuser door.

Search Products Search Support. Make sure you SIMM board is installed correctly. Power Module – Universal AC power adapter – wide-range, 40c – Requires separate country-specific power cord with C7 connector.

Roller – Transfer charge roller Black – In front door assembly. The printer received a graphics print file that was too complex to print at the requested resolution. Door – Fuser door – Folds down from main front door – Has a shaft with 8 rubber rollers and 6 gears along right side of door.

LaserJet 4MV Printer parts list. Cable – Cable – From DC controller board to registration and cassette paper pickup clutches. See the user’s manual for the MIO card. Label – LaserJet printer h for 3. Cable – Cable – From DC controller board to cassette size sensor board and front cover connect board. If the error message does not appear, the problem is in the SIMM. Fuser Assembly – 4nv assembly For V, 50Hz operation – Bonds the toner to the paper with heat – In quantity price break packaging Contains ten new fusing assemblies.


Cover – Left side ho – Has vent for exhaust fan. Remove the page from the output bin and press Continue. If the error appears again, record the numbers following the error message and call you dealer or HP service representative. If you reset the printer press Reset to immediately activate your selections, you will delete temporary macros, temporary 4mf, and buffered data.

The printer received a request for a paper or envelope size not available in the printer. Tray – sheet universal paper tray – For optional lower cassette. This page was last edited on 26 Septemberat If the error continues, call you dealer or HP service representative.

SIMM Slot 1 2: If any of these errors appears, switch the printer off and then back on. A temporary error occurred while printing.