The keyboard is easy to use and comfortable. Page Removal and Replacement Procedures 7. Lift the rear edge of the keyboard up 2 and swing it toward you until it rests on the palm rest. Page 54 – Flowchart 2. Release the zero insertion force ZIF connector 1 to which the drive cable is attached and disconnect the cable 2.

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Removing the Memory Module Reverse the above procedure to install the memory module. Screw Listing Where used: The edge of the board opposite the edge connector rises up.

Reseat AC adapter in notebook and at power source. Keyboard Removal and Replacement Procedures 5.

HP Pavilion Zx Zd Laptop Motherboard | eBay

Power up on battery power? Connect notebook to good external pointing device.

Slide the heat sink away from you 2, and then to the left 3 to clear the tabs on the heat sink from the notebook. ;avillion the nonfunctioning device from bent or broken pins or other damage. Press the processor lock lever slightly to the left to release it and then lift it up so that it rotates toward you to a degree angle 1 to release the processor from the socket.


The VGA out is very convenient for using external monitors or running dual monitors. Table Of Contents 1 Product Description 1.

HP Pavilion Zx5000 Zd5000 Laptop Motherboard 370531-001

Page 48 Troubleshooting Flowchart 2. Close notebook and retest. Maintenance and Service Guide Reload audio drivers. Done 2—16 Reseat loose components and boards and replace damaged items. Screw Listing Phillips PM2. Turn the notebook right-side up with the front toward you. Reseat internal pointing device connector if applicable. Table of Contents Pagillion to my manuals Add. The laptop feels solid and there is no screen flexing, although it s not as rock solid as an IBM.

Turn the notebook upside down with the rear panel toward you. Strip Cover Removal and Replacement Procedures 5. All screws listed in this appendix are available in the Miscellaneous Screw Kit: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

After all 4 screws are started, tighten each screw until the shoulder on the screw is fully seated against pavilllion screw post. As a college student I don t have a lot of cash to my name, and HP offers a student discount and great value on their notebooks.


Lift the left side of the memory module compartment cover up and swing it to the right 2. Loosen the 2 PM2. In the scroll box, select the category or device you want to test. Removal and Replacement Procedures 4. Done 2—28 Nonfunctioning device. Pavilion notebook models only zx500 screws that secure the base enclosure to the notebook documented in Section Phillips PM2. Beeps, LEDs, or error messages? Page Where used: