Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Where did you place the ROM zip? Have you installed HTC Sync and its drivers? Works best in clear weather. My phone is rooted, it says unlocked, tampered and s-Off. I restarted the whole process too and it’s the same thing. Are you putting your device in sideload mode?

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Single camera Main camera: This is a much bigger file. I just flashed the firmware and twrp and it’s still doing the same.

I am hct ruu for htc max sprint any ideas deleted os system?

HTC Pc Suite and Usb Drivers Android Adb Drivers

Missus won’t be giving me any grief over not getting an iPhone 5 That said, even though I managed to somehow connect the phone to the PC, it is still not coming up in windows explorer, and upon connection of the phone USB to the PC, windows always throws up the message that the drivers are not installed? Just be sure to get the right firmware files. Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processor: Hello friend I can get here, but it will not anymore, please help me, what can I doing wrong, or is something wrong on the computer Thanks.

I was up all night trying to find out how to do this and now I’m sharing it with you guys.


How to Fix a Soft-Bricked HTC One by Flashing a New ROM via ADB « HTC One :: Gadget Hacks

Since this is a slightly more onne method of flashing a ROM, it should only be used as a safety net. Internal storage – Bigger storage capacity allows you to keep more content saved onto your device, such as more applications, photos or video. Now, this won’t fix every problem, but a vast majority of ROM issues can be solved by using this method. Your mini has an unlocked bootloader right? I also have an otg cable but it doesn’t seem to be connecting to my phone either as when i plug it in there are no files obe anything added in twrp.

HTC One SV review

Previous used UMS was kicked out. Are you trying to exit av sideload or TWRP? GPU – The graphics processor is important for the smooth operation of the system and especially in games and other applications that may involve complex graphics and animations.

I tried 3 different chargers and usb cables To see the full specifications with in-depth details click here.

Then try the following HTC driver below. I’m hoping to RUU 4. It may sound silly, but try using different USB ports.

It worked for me! My m7 is fixed now I’m so happy, and if you guys are having trouble getting your phone to recovery then hold the phone light sensor to a light bulb not touching it but close and hold the power and vol down button until the phone goes to boot loader, and after flashing the stock rom you will need to root again, search for hasoons all in one root kit on google and if ev already have an unlocked boot loader you can skip to the steps on the right in the program, i hope i help you guys out: What ROM are you trying to flash that gives you error?


It started a reboot loop. If your M4 doesn’t start past the bootloader menu you will only be able to use fastboot.

This is a Windows 8 driver. Once it says that it started you can go ahead and send the ROM over.

You should stick with using the newest version of TWRP. The battery certainly doesn’t mind the arrangement too.

Your easy to follow steps helped me a lot. It isnt about the usb port. The smartphone is clearly neither an entry-level offering, nor a fully blown mid-range device. Does it have an unlocked bootloader? The smaller the number is, the bigger this opening is, allowing for more light to pass.