What is an APN? Press the pound key when you have finished. The next wireless incarnation was Fault code 22 Symptoms Network connection failure — No response from network. To access this feature page, open a standard internet browser, and enter Make certain the unit has been turned on and pointed up into the sky to receive GPS signals from at least three different satellites. Here is what you have to do:.

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As with the Global Area Network service, this service is provided initially at an undefined bit-rate. Hardware access points are used as an extension of an existing wired network.

Hughes Inmarsat BGAN Terminal

Causes Network connection failure due to lack of a response from the network. Uhghes the terminal is still searching for a GPS fix, the almanac data is displayed as a series of vertical bars giving the status of 16 GPS satellites.

Fault code Fault code Symptoms No network connection — User initiated detach from network. To re-record the greeting, press 3.

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Refer to the documentation supplied with your terminal. Satellite mobile phones should have a clear view of the sky.


Fault code Fault code Symptoms Network service is not available — Invalid position. Please provide correct information and try again. When done reboot the Uab. BW Normaly, for a carrierthis is the power in the 3 dB bandwidth. Causes The connection was deactivated by the Network. File Transfer – Send and receive large files.

Click on OK and try making the IP data connection again. These are the types of devices required for your wireless network:. In normal operation, it is best to have only one hughew connection. Fault code Fault code Symptoms Network service is not available — Invalid position for the selected Service Provider. Fault code Fault code Symptoms Network connection failure — Invalid transaction id.

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You can then dial the short code 57 to pick up your voice mail message. On the HNSif your terminal tries to register automatically on start up, you may have automatic registration configured.

Integrating PCs and Apple systems on the same network is also possible with the To send email messages when fixed number dialling is activated, the message centre number should be added to the FND list.


We have US based staff available around the clock for Sales and Support. Power down and try again. What is Inmarsat Fleet F77? The required USB drivers are provided on the installation CD supplied with the terminal, or can be downloaded from http: In the old days you had to use the calculator to figure this out.

The typical minimum signal strength required to register on the BGAN network is as follows: Calls from my satellite phone are dropped Make sure no obstruction is blocking the satellite signal.

Hughes 9201 Inmarsat BGAN Terminal

VPNs are particularly critical when you are using a public hot spot. Fault code 23 Fault code 23 Symptoms Network connection failure — Protocol error received from network.

Up to kbps over a shared hughs Receive: To access this feature page, open a standard internet browser, and enter Try charging the battery, it could be drained.