Your keycodes might be different as well as your mod settings. Earthbound01 apontois wrote on The workaround seems to work pretty well, however. Andrew described it perfectly. I have to sleep and resume and wait for a beep to know what state its in or even easier play a sound.

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From my perspective, double-stepping was definitely the lesser of two evils. Please log in to reply. Andrew described it perfectly.

I confirm this bug for my Maxdata Belinea C notebook. Dominics downgrade doesnt work for me here. I also have this on my Ibn. The manual recommends this only for devices without a hardware mixer, but it also works for other hadware mixer enabled devices, even with the ALSA system.

Windows 7 on the ThinkPad T43

You’re now ready to map XF86LaunchA to executing xmms. These work for bit Windows 7: The buttons work, but Jaunty cannot hotkdy them: This will vary on each system. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.


But ahk scripts with key combination Labelling keycpode as “Menu” may conflict with the right-mouse-click event. Now save the file and repackage the browser.

Same on Thinkpad X60s. Note – The following additional package is required.

The easiest way is to install keyconfig. You can view that thread here: Xorg in turn gets these key events through the evdev driver and will no longer try to take control of the input devices away from the kernel. Retrieved from ” https: For Hardy Heron, the xmodmap command is all lowercase. The OSD notification now works nicely, and nothing else seems to have been broken by this downgrade. OSD broken, button works on T43 with Karmic.

Windows 7 on the ThinkPad T43 – XdN

So if you use special keys in application, you need to uncheck ‘Enable key assignments’ or assign another keys or check ‘Disable Keyboard Customizer’. This also has the side effect of making my brighness buttons work, but I have not seen any negative side effects. Secure Data Disposal 1. I have another setup with a logitech wireless keyboard and volume control keys on that have the expected behavior, they change the volume and OSD stays in sync with it.


Lenovo and others have moved many of the files around on their site. Xmodmap would look like this:.

I have to sleep and resume and wait for a beep to know what state its in or even easier play a sound. Rescue and Recovery 3. Changed in hotkey-setup Ubuntu: Yorirou yorirou wrote on This can apply to many systems with ATI graphics.

Extract the drivers to the hard disk drive.