To determine the eligibility of your computer and to view a list of countries where service is available, visit http: You can determine how much battery power remains by using the fuel-gauge ThinkPad utility program, which displays the percent charge remaining. A warranty service upgrade must be purchased during the warranty period and is for a fixed term duration. Refer to the Prices section for information on the availability of ServicePac offerings. Installation of Tier 1 CRUs is your responsibility. Celeron is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.

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Download Lenovo ThinkPad R52 Intel Graphics Driver for Windows XP

Standard battery shipped with the system: Two HDDs can be used concurrently. These parts are to be serviced during the IBM warranty period. BIOS provides the hardware instructions and interfaces designed to support the standard features of the ThinkPad R52 computer and to maintain compatibility with many software programs currently operating under Windows The system must be in hibernated or “power-off” mode when changing the main battery.

Contact your local IBM representative or your reseller for country- and location-specific information. IBM is not responsible for photographic or typographic errors.

Think Express models of the IBM ThinkPad R52 notebook include a three-year limited warranty

They are not refundable or transferable and may not be prorated. Due to the earth’s magnetic field, CRT monitors are manufactured to work in northern, southern, and equatorial regions of the earth and may not produce a satisfactory image when moved between them.


Any required adjustment if possible is not covered under IWS and may be subject to a chargeable action. Graaphics IBM has technical service agreements with the manufacturers of the failing part, or if the failing part is an accommodations part a part with an IBM FRU labelIBM may also source and replace the failing parts at no additional charge.

Integrated, easy-loading modular bay for fast swapping of optional Ultrabay Enhanced and Ultrabay Slim devices. On the left side of the screen, click E52 and Tips. Located on the top edge of the display, this tiny LED lets you work in low-light conditions.

Telephone support may be subject to additional charges, even during the limited warranty period. Upload speeds are limited to 48 Kbps for V.

The maximum temperature when the system is on is linearly decreased from 8, to 10, ft. Refer to the applicable warranty and license terms provided by the respective vendors.

However, ICA legacy contracts will still be available for current customers until they are withdrawn. Dealer prices may vary, and prices may also vary by country. Restore the HDD to the same contents it held when the computer was manufactured.

For a description of the environment under which the test was performed, visit http: The area must be clean, well-lit, and suitable for the purpose.

Think Express models of the IBM ThinkPad R52 notebook include a three-year limited warranty

They can help you integrate your high-speed networks, storage systems, application servers, wireless protocols, and an array of platforms, middleware, thinkpac communications software for IBM and many non-IBM offerings. Simultaneous display same screen on both CRT and LCD does not support screen expansion x to x or x to x except screen centering. Most repairs should be made within 48 hours after the system is received at the repair location actual repair time may vary.


Feel the power Intel Centrino mobile technology on selected models: IBM Business Partners can order marketing tginkpad at https: If installed after the initial system installation, they carry the balance of the system warranty or the optional feature warranty, whichever is greater.

Other key features are: Air temperature 0 to 8, ft: Public networks currently limit maximum download speeds to about thinkpadd Kbps. Access the online help requires Internet access, not included and on-system information you need to help you set up, learn about, and enhance your ThinkPad notebook. When used properly in standard business environments, a ThinkPad system should be a reliable computing asset for many years.

The following parts have been designated as Grqphics 1 CRUs: Eligible IBM computers are identified by their four-digit machine type. This product has been tested and certified to be interoperable by the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance and is authorized to carry the Wi-Fi logo.