If you try you will get an error that looks like this. Hi, I am having a problem with the enhanced e-commerce tracking, trough the Google Tagmanager. What could be the problem? Post as a guest Name. Choose Insert from the Access menu and then table. Then choose where you would like the data to be in your Excel document and click OK.

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Then choose where you would like the data to be in your Excel document and click OK. Hi, can someone explain the difference between these reports to me? Looking at the functionality of the enhanced E-commerce tracking, it looks like we can use this to wdbtrends our needs. One of my analysis engines is showing up properly, but the problem server is my ‘primary’ box and houses the MS SQL database, the UI, etc i.

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Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? It displays in the A9 UI exactly as it should. Step by Step Guide I am having an issue setting up internal linking reports for On-Site Search. At the point we do this cleaning of the data, that is when an arbitrary webtrenfs of 5 users gets applied.


Choose the table that corresponds with the report in WebTrends that you want data from. Then allow Access a few minutes to find the list of available tables. In this example we are using WWW. We webtrendw want to see data for the month of July.

WebTrends ODBC Driver

Is there a easy way to download historial reports in Webtrends 8. Create a New Database by clicking File and then New.

Required for purchases and refunds. Click the plus sign next to pages and then highlight desired data points and move them to the right Columns in your query with the single right arrow button. Under Data Source Name, enter a name for your data source. I am not aware of any settings that would be different for a9 vs a10 so am not sure why it is not available to me in a We have set up the WT.

Articles on this Page showing articles to of But that is not so problematic, since the first query works. Maybe the real question here is – can you even directly access an ODBC that is on a remote server?


Is it possible to create a report on visitor journey? Any advice on how to fix.

A four-part name was supplied, but the provider does not expose the necessary interfaces to use a catalog or schema. Any help would be appreciated! And where is a page on this site that explains what we need in order to get set up? Has anyone here had this issue? I’m trying to get it to work from remote instsll.

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I’m not sure whether I’m using location param correctly, or maybe it is a login issue. Once you click next, the query wizard will ask if you want to filter your data. Are you the publisher?

Click Start and then choose control panels. Windows Server Ac Then choose Link Table and click ok. This is where you choose the name of your data source.