Then each task is waiting until a certain event takes place. I prefer it that way. I powered it up and this also worked directly. In this location instead you will find a summary of my Interests page and of course a link to the longer page. The battery voltage is checked every 30 seconds by reading the value of an ADC. The main Sourceforge page is back under the community’s control Yea!

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Kenneth’s Custom Kernel for Velleman K8000 on Fedora Core 4

Pytomation is an extensible open source automation system written in Python. This is a clean way of at low level deal with having a ‘main goal’ e.

If a task wants to write a message to the log file, it calls a dedicated function, that runs in the context of this calling task. This worked, but because the motor was all the time powered, it became quite warm.

K8000 swapping the power supplies is not so difficult about 4 connectors.

But with this setup the motherboard didn’t want to start. The first ‘toy’ I can remember reading about was the networked soda machine and the networked elevator I need references. Email if you want it sooner.

On the photo below you can see how the wheels and the bearings are attached now. I read that a sonar is quite difficult to make and quite error prone. This seems ideal for the job. Here are some details on how the conversion between 1 where the CMUCam detects the object and 2 the resulting motor movements where ‘speed’ corresponds to the maximal speed and ‘dir’ to the direction the Main Task wants the robot to drive.


Or, optionally, it can be configured as a standalone unit that can be placed in a room. Each DigiSpeaker exists as a lnux in a network of DigiSpeakers that share information wirelessly or via cable.

K and PCI-parallel port in SuSE Linux bit – PC Related Projects – Velleman Projects

Categories algemeen cassandra Development Geen categorie ipv6 linux Mac. I’m also working on an irrigation controller called Irrnode. This section isn’t for those. It is also possible to write a sentence and make the robot k80000 it using Festival. This was caused by the global non-shared variables in the K driver: Install it with rpm -ivh libk The second determining the threshold at what time the system should shut down should be determined by trying: If you look at the name the Velleman device is the one called “Parallel port adapter”.

But the IO-AD did not work. If no wall is detected with the IR sensors, drive forward. I’ve just picked up a Brultech ECM I increased the delays to tenfold in the three lines in k Enter your search terms Submit search form.


Projet K Midi controller | Renaud Warnotte on internet

I was able to make 2 independent wheels so it can turn left and right. So I had to use a lead acid battery. Anyway lspci shows following info You should be able to use any browser that supports JavaScript I’ve only checked with Netscape so far.

If a batteryLevel message is received and the batteryLevel is below a linu, it shuts down the system. You’ll also find ,inux of my wireless toys here too.

I’ve had a few problems with linu local mail provider so I’ve had to work out a few different ways to get sendmail working with my Linux system. If you know of any additional links please contact me at: I’m still working on the ECM, I’ve run out of serial ports and I’m working on getting a terminal server working.

I added a logging mechanism that writes all messages into a logging file.